Dr. Boyce Thought of the Day: A Very Bad Reason to Vote for the Democrats

Boyce Watkins

“If you think the Democrats are bad, then wait till you see the Republicans in office!”….If I hear that weak, pathetic argument again, I am going to get sick. When black unemployment is the worst that its been in 25 years (as white unemployment has steadily improved), it’s not as if any party could do much worse. Black unemployment and mass incarceration are in a state of emergency, and it sickens me that people don’t seem to care about how our families are being destroyed because of it. If you want my vote, you must address my issues…if you’re too busy to address my issues, then I’m too busy to vote for you. PERIOD.



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18 responses to “Dr. Boyce Thought of the Day: A Very Bad Reason to Vote for the Democrats

  1. Hausa

    And note voting solves the problem, correct? Got it!!! Sounds like a 3 year old!!!!

  2. So true, but you got to vote…Black people got to learn none of them will do for blacks if we don’t push the bar..

  3. brenda brown

    You are definitely right! Some people(maybe even myself ) will vote for President Obama again. If only to insure his place in history. W.E. Dubois stated(you made me aware) that no party cares about the Black vote. Not really. The Republicans running spit out racial hate. The Democrats including Obama ignore the plight of the underdog(I do mean black issues)We need to be more responsible for our children (education) and our community and maybe we would be taken more seriously.

  4. Renelda Moorehead

    I’m with you Dr. Watkins! Boycott both parties since neither is addressing black unemployment or black incarceration. Votes are supposed to be power.
    Not voting because there are no viable candidates will send a strong message. NONE OF THE ABOVE. Period.

  5. Janet

    Did the Koch brothers pay you? I thought this was a blog of unity. I’m out of here.

  6. Thabo Borole

    dissapointment, i thought we were about black strength not disunity. in your wisdom in South Africa i must not vote or if i vote i need to compare the ANC with the white party that is all about entrenching white privilege at the expense of the black marjority. no i iunderstand how the system works money skills and expertise is on the other side we could have the vote but they have the money. the only solution is to bring about a united black and strong community to effect the change that is necessary and is long overdue. Obama as an individual he can try but unless black brothers such as Boysce understand this, time to cease being petulant time to engage each other in getting ourselves out of the rut

  7. Maximilliion

    Well Dr. Boyce that’s easy for you to say because you have financial security! Don’t get me wrong, what you’re saying is correct; Black unemployment is higher than any other race, African Americans are incarcerated 3-4 times the rate of any other races and yes many of the so called Black middle class have fallen into the poor class. But do you really think that President Obama or his administraion are to blame? Do you really think that President Obama doesn’t care? We point a finger at eveyone but ourselves for Everything that happens to us. Is there racism, YES! Have I been discriminated against and continue to be discriminated against, OH YES!!! But is it really President Obama’s fault that we as African Americans don’t take the time to help educate our kids, live in some of the most violent areas because of “us killing us”, present ourselves as caricatures and talk in the most ridiculous dialect, are not disciplined enough to get up eveyday and be reliable, and as far as the Black incarceration rate, “If you do the crime then you need to do the time!” Dr. Boyce sometimes the best medicine for us is the truth! Once President Obama is out of office, who are we going to blame then? I’m a Johns Hopkins graduate and I’ve been unemployed or underemployed for the last two and a half years and I don’t blame President Obama. He didn’t start racism and he’s not going to end it. What I don’t understand is why people thought once he was elected that things were going to do a 180 degree turn. HE’S A MAN PEOPLE!!!!! President or not. But the thing that disturbs me most is that you Dr. Boyce with all your knowledge and education, if you can’t see the forest for the trees then there’s really no hope for the rest of us. Whether you do or don’t vote to re-elect President Obama is your choice, however whomever gets in there other then him I can assure you won’t be concerned about you or your vote. Dr. Boyce I’m so disappointed in you.

  8. dEE

    You are so Maximillion I have 3 black sons and none are doing time in any prison.2 are gainfully employed the third has mental problems.But even though he has them he is not in any jail.You see dad and i were deep into their stuff/ because my husband said i would rather kill you than the white man.

  9. If you claim that the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans, don’t just tell me, show me with facts and figures like I did Here: http://wattree.blogspot.com/2010/10/gop-one-hundred-year-record-of.html.

    You can’t find any place in modern American history where the Democrats were as unfeeling and economically irresponsible as the Republicans – and by the way, I’m neither a Democrat nor Republican. Yes, I agree, the Democrats are not totally pristine. While the Democrats might indeed be the Bogeyman, but the Republicans are definitely the Devil.

    Republicans brought on the Great Depression, and every serious recession we’ve had since was under a Republican administration, including the one we’re currently in. And if it hadn’t been for Barack Obama, we’d be in a depression right now – and he saved us while having to fight the Republicans tooth-and-nail.

    In addition, the Republicans want to abolish Social Security, Medicare, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and Child labor laws. If they had their way employers could work you for as many hours a day as they wanted, with as little pay as they wanted, and without overtime. They would also abolish unemployment insurance, so if you lost your job you’d immediately be on skid row. And beyond that, they’re against having to pay you a pension upon retirement, so when you became too old to work you’d have to either live on your kids, or sell apples on the streets to survive. That’s the way it used to be before President Roosevelt and the Democrats voted in the New Deal during the Great Depression, and the Republicans have been trying to undo it every since.

    Turning this nation and our economy over to the Republicans would be like turning our children over to convicted child molesters. So whenever anyone tells me that there’s no difference between the Republicans and Democrats, I immediately know that they’re either undereducated or simply a damn fool.

    Boyce, what you, Tavis, and Cornel West are clearly demonstrating is there’s a vast difference between literacy and intelligence.

    Eric L. Wattree

  10. Dr. Christopher Mobley

    Dr. Watkins, I hope you’re not serious. If you are, you’re beyond reasoning with unfortunately. Do you really not see or understand what a Republican President/Congress/Supreme Court/dominance in state legislatures and Gubernatorial offices might mean for the Black America that you love and champion? How would that political atmosphere lead to the things that you want? I’m not understanding your logic at all and that makes ME sick (and sad that either you don’t get or you’re too stubborn to even try).

  11. hausa

    A lot of bloggers are paid based on the number of comments and responses their article generate…perhaps that is his angle….he’s too intelligent otherwise to believe what he writes on this topic…

  12. WizardG

    It’s a Fixed Sociopolitical Structure! To say the least!

    What most Americans cannot handle is the reality that the whole political game is a sham now! It was bad before we “blacks” were finally allowed to vote, and now because we can vote, they (the Anglo-elite), have flipped the script and fixed politics in every way imaginable!

    They choose the slime they want to represent their interests, and make us believe that we are getting people worthy of our votes. The type of people running for office these days are reprehensible to say the least, and those who (would be good) are not given a chance, and those who are given a chance eventually switch “over-to-the-dark-side”, which is viciously overwhelming the political sphere!

    When Africans “blacks” are allowed to participate in “white” dominant social-structures etc., they (Anglos) must change the game to assure that they keep their ability for pilferage of wealth and power in place. Hell..most of the populace white or black etc., are unable to see the irony in our predicament and are unable to see that voting for anyone about any issue will not change the path already set upon the particular “folk” who are not in the clique of economic and social status etc. No one is exempt from possible manipulation! You can vote for whomever you please but be assured that our social-structure is stuck in crooked, devious, diabolical and just plain evil!
    If only the people who steal our taxes weren’t the same people who control our military and policing forces etc. But since everyone seems convinced that everything is on the up and up..Well…We’re just screwed!..So vote just for the hell of it why don’t ya?

  13. WizardG

    I would say ‘wake up’, but this nightmare is our reality!

    African Americans, “blacks”, have been set upon by this Anglo-elite structure ever since they’ve been able to! We cannot have unity because they destroy our leaders and infect our communities with toil and strife to say the least! Everything we get we must fight and die for in one way or another, and when we do achieve some benchmark, they only figure out ways to circumvent that! They plot against us constantly and make many of us believe we are playing in an even game. How could anyone actually believe this after all of our history? But they make us forget our history together and even make us blame ourselves! We have no actual culture, language, foundation, or anything left to grasp as a community! The only thing we share now is our color and that doesn’t seem to do us much good whatsoever!
    Now most of the citizenry etc. of the USA believe that the nation is a good functional and honest country, but it is not and I can’t see where it has ever been! Yet everyone is running around acting and speaking as if they know what is going on when they obviously cannot comprehend the kind of psychotic games being played here! This is what allows the criminals to easily run the show..The foxes have always been in the proverbial hen house and the chickens are just clucking away!
    African-Americans will always be subverted in this “racist” nation. Hell Africans are being subverted by these Anglo-elite all over the world! And you vote for the sad-sacks whom the elite put in place to front their insane sham! I would say wake up, but in this country the ongoing reality is a fantasy for some and a nightmare for others..This has no good ending and if you’re in a good position lucky you! Just try to understand that African Americans were screwed the moment we started being handled by the Anglos and we will continue to be screwed across the diaspora no matter how well we do individually!

  14. @ WizardG
    You have put into words what my common since tells me when i look at whats really going on around me. I am not living in a fantasy world. Yes we have a President that looks like us . It is sad that people do not see the forest but only see the tree. I believe that our President , our Government for the most part has waged war on the AA community constantly for over 400 years . It is so much a part of life in America that even some of us accept it and are in denial that it happens in one way or another everyday. The two political party’s dismiss us as if we are an after thought. Obama has pandered to the Hispanics and wall street , just like Mitt, Newt , and whom ever else may occupy the office would. Illegal immigration has brought with it a tremendous cost to AA employment here in Arkansas and no one seems to want to address it , the Obama administration want to grant them a free pass. There are people here who cannot find employment because they have broken the law one time , but they are citizens and someone can check their background for $2.95. Mean while there are people taking jobs here and no one even knows if they are , who they say they are nor what they’re background may be. But our Black president turns a blind eye to this fact. I ask myself ? , are AA better off then they were 3 years ago? That is the question one should ask before they run and vote wholesale , just to be marginalized . Folks cant take the fact that we have a “AA” in the white house and but food and housing with it. They are using this President , and he will be blame for everything except for hiding OBL .

  15. Folks cant take the fact that we have a “AA” in the white house and buy food and housing with it. They are using this President , and he will be blamed for everything except for hiding OBL .

  16. Dr. Christopher Mobley

    The death pictures may soon be made public.

  17. Dr. Watkins, you said:

    “If you want my vote, you must address my issues…if you’re too busy to address my issues, then I’m too busy to vote for you. PERIOD.”

    That sounds quite reasonable . . . at first blush. But the logical question in response to your statement is, “Then, who are you going to vote for, the fascists?” Or maybe you’re suggesting that we just sit on our hands and let the fascists vote themselves into office.

    Brother, you’re not thinking – you’re pouting, any child can do that. In light of what the Republicans are currently saying in congress and in the debates there’s no way in hell I’d ever put something that idiotic on public display. I’m never going to look at you in the same way again.

    Some of the greatest minds I’ve ever known held court while sitting on empty milk crates in the parking lots of ghetto liquor stores, and some of the weakest minds I’ve ever known roamed the halls of academia giving the pursuit of credentials priority over the pursuit of knowledge. You’ve just proven the validity of that statement conclusively.

    I’m not happy either, but neither am I stupid.

    Eric L. Wattree

  18. hausa

    Well said brother Wattree…

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