Yes, Both of these Pictures are of Sammie Sosa: How in the Hayell Does This Happen Anyway?



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4 responses to “Yes, Both of these Pictures are of Sammie Sosa: How in the Hayell Does This Happen Anyway?

  1. J. E. Hall

    Looks like every person of color, without regards to national origin, want to be White, even many Black Americans! I was recently told by a highly respected Hispanic origin sociologist that “Hispanic cultural based people like to call themselves white to indicate that they are direct descendants of Europeans Spainards!!! What a crock! Everybody knows that the Spainards and Portuguese took advantage of the Inquisition going on at the time to maximally eradicate indigenous Indians and to replace them with slaves imported from Africa! Just look at the class statifications going on to this day in those lands that were colonized by Spain and Portugal! even the dumb asses in Haiti practise this kind of self destructive racism! What the hell, Sammie Sosa is just another stupid athlete/entertainer who has placed his life in the hands of drugs!!!!

  2. These photos have been around on the web for a while now. He did this skin lightening about 2 years or so ago. It also looks like he got colored contact lens. It’s a very, very sad affair when a person so beautiful as he feels the need to artificially lighten his skin. He obviously has mental issues with his original skin tone. We can only pray for him and hope that one day he will see the beauty in his original beautiful brown skin tone.

  3. dEE

    Yes i agree this is astupid .WHich why the whites downgrade us .If they did not haVE THIS THINK WOULD NOT PUT YOU DOWN AS MUCH .But they know it botheres some of us so they use it to the extreme. I once was standing on a corner and /they yelled out the window the n word.I simply use another word i’m used to that so they drove on .

  4. If you claim that the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans, don’t just tell me, show me with facts and figures like I did with respect to the Republicans above. You can’t find any place in modern American history where the Democrats were as unfeeling and economically irresponsible as the Republicans – and by the way, I’m neither a Democrat nor Republican. Yes, I agree, the Democrats are not totally pristine. They’re the Bogeyman, but the Republicans are the Devil.

    Republicans brought on the Great Depression, and every serious recession we’ve had since was under a Republican administration, including the one we’re currently in. And if it hadn’t been for Barack Obama, we’d be in a depression right now – and he saved us while having to fight the Republicans tooth-and-nail.

    In addition, the Republicans want to abolish Social Security, Medicare, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and Child labor laws. If they had their way employers could work you for as many hours a day as they wanted, with as little pay as they wanted, and without overtime. They would also abolish unemployment insurance, so if you lost your job you’d immediately be on skid row. And beyond that, they’re against having to pay you a pension upon retirement, so when you became too old to work you’d have to either live on your kids, or sell apples on the streets to survive. That’s the way it used to be before President Roosevelt and the Democrats voted in the New Deal during the Great Depression, and the Republicans have been trying to undo it every since.

    Turning this nation and our economy over to the Republicans would be like turning our children over to convicted child molesters. So whenever anyone tells me that there’s no difference between the Republicans and Democrats, I immediately know that they’re either undereducated or simply a damn fool.

    Boyce, what you, Tavis, and Cornel West are clearly demonstrating is there’s a vast difference between literacy and intelligence.

    Eric L. Wattree

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