Dr. Boyce Thought of the Day: The Political Blindness Caused by Racism

Every time a Republican does something stupid or racist, it allows racist liberals to convince us to support the Obama Administration without consideration of how their policies affect our people.  There’s nothing wrong with supporting the Obama Administration…but if you support them without a careful assessment of how their policies are impacting African Americans, then you’ve volunteered yourself for political puppetry. 

Yes, there are high profile people being paid handsomely to manipulate your mind. Their job is to get you to blindly hand over your vote solely because of the color of the candidate’s skin. Voting for Obama because there is evidence that this vote will improve your life is one thing, but voting for him because someone told you to do so on the radio is another.



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29 responses to “Dr. Boyce Thought of the Day: The Political Blindness Caused by Racism

  1. Hausa

    What exactly is your point Dr. Boyce. I’m losing confidence in you – seems your babbling is little different than that of Tavis! Or you’re just saying something to make the buck that your increasingly infotainment themed activities seem geared to do.

    Take a break and figure out who you are and what you are about. If you decide to continue with your infotainment then please hire an IT person to work on this site so that we don’t have to click on a link 4 times to actually read the article you have commandeered from another web site.

    I’m tired of your silly hate!!!!

  2. I don’t get the point you are making. Are you being racist, no racism denotes power. Are you denigrating Blacks’ intelligence to say that they don’t know why they are voting for whom.

  3. Dr Boyce – I am also tired of your silly rants about President Obama. I am 100% in his corner as he fights the right wing /tea party extremists. I support him fully not only because of his policies but I also support him because he is black. I may never have another chance to support a black President. I want a black first lady. I am sick of the carnival barkers like yourself, Smiley and West. One of the reasons I support your site is because you are black. President Obama is doing a great job considering the circumstances of the economy when he was elected i.e. he saved the economy from a depression; passed health care law; saved the American auto industry; financial reform; formed the Consumer Protection Agency; put two women plus a hispanic on the Supreme Court; ended the war in Iraq, killed Bin Laden any other threat to the US, got rid of don’t ask don’t tell. All this and more with no help from the Repubs plus 40% of the voting populus hate him because he is black. I love him and his wife. They are great role models for the black community. Re-elect President Oama 2012!

  4. President Obama is a young president in a complex world, at a complex time, handling some of the most complex problems any president has ever had to deal with. Is he perfect? No. Does he do some things that I might not like, yes. But “ALL” presidents do! Cut this brother some slack. When you look across the political spectrum at any of those psychopaths on “The Dark Side” I thank God for PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!! He deserves to be reelected just for having to put up with all of the unmitigated BS that no other president in history has had to put up with…period! WE NEED TO STOP WITH ALL OF THE FRIVOLOUS ASSAULTS ON THIS PRESIDENT AND GET BEHIND HIM AND SUPPORT HIM!

  5. Puro Mestizo

    Dr. Boyce, apparently you’ve struck a nerve with a caliber of people who make emotive decisions instead of informed and logical ones. To tell these people to know the “why” behind an action tends to generate negative responses as the ones seen here. I applaud you for having the courage to say, “The choice between two varying degrees of wrong isn’t much choice at all”. Until we force either party to address the issues that directly face us our vote will merely be the one they were or weren’t going to get anyway………..

  6. I am all in for President Obama. It’s not an emotional decision. This is America – You vote and support who you want to and I will do likewise. Re-elct President Obama 2012!

  7. Hausa

    Oh please with the “emotive” decision mess. The options – Obama vs anyone on the Republican side – don’t require a lecture about knowing the “why” behind the voting decision. Nothing “emotive” about this choice – One side views African Americans are drains on society and Obama views us a humans. The color of his skin is immaterial – I’d vote for him if he had green skin given the alternative choice!

  8. Well Stated – Re-elect President Obama 2012! Check this out! President Obama is not perfect and I might do some things differantly but I would have never gotten elected President of this racist country. Cudos to the presidednt taking on such tough job with people whose only course in life is for his destruction. Re-elect President Obama 2012!

  9. Puro Mestizo

    Don’t need to know the why? Sounds like brainwashing at it’s finest. President Obama may very well be a better choice than Romney or Gingrich, just as an attack from a doberman may be a better choice than an attack from a grizzly, but if you could have that doberman actually attempt to protect you from that grizzly your choices just improved substantially.

  10. @Puro Mestizo: President Obama doesn’t need muddled and fuzzy equivocation or pontification from some one like you. Using a half baked analogy such as a Doberman going up against a grizzly bear tells me that you have about as much control and understanding over logic and common sense as any of those psychopaths from “The Dark Side.” You sound like a little old lady blathering about meaningless nothingness? You’re “brainwashed” into believing that [you] actually have some other choice rather than President Obama. Get a grip dude!

  11. Hausa

    Silly analogy. Obama is nether a grizzly nor a Doberman. And the why is clear – Republicans!

    Idle, random and incessant hating on Obama because he hasn’t erased 400 years of hell for blk folk during his first 3 years in office is either wasteful or mercenary (how the good Dr. makes a buck)!!!

  12. Puro Mestizo

    Dearest Ron, while I appreciate your attempt to limit my choices, I believe I’ll make them for myself. Do you have a better analogy of the current administrations struggle (well appreciated) to limit unemployment across the board with the exception in the African-American community? I’d be more than willing to hear it out, even if it only alludes to why not a single policy was put in place to even find correlated issues with his plan to minimize the economic fallout (once again appreciated, but it only worked for a group of Americans I and most of my family don’t belong to). And while I nor Dr. Boyce apparently have any issue with those who support President Obama, too many others have almost diefied him and raised him and any of his actions above question. I do agree he is a better choice, I just disagree on the finer points within the definition of “better”.

  13. Renelda Moorehead

    I haven’t read any replies to this article but the article is the soul of brevity and wisdom. Thank you. Now I will read the replies.

  14. Renelda Moorehead

    Oh boy! Breaking through to the slave-mentalitied is the hardest writing one
    will undertake. The only commenter who understood what Dr. Watkins wrote was “Puro Mestizo” and myself. The others have on blinders. So sad.

  15. @Puro Mestizo: Opinions vary. And you’re more than welcome to yours. We all know what “opinions” are like since all of us seem to have ’em! In your case, though, your opinion(?) seems to be akin to being in a house enveloped completely in fire and asking, “Did someone call the fire department?” 😉

  16. Puro Mestizo

    Actually Ron, the fire department has ALREADY been called, the question is this, “Is the fire department responding, or does it have more pressing matters to attend to”. A follow up question should be, “Does the fire department still deserve out support without contractual obligations or do we look for another avenue to avoid our house burning to the ground while those we pay (support) set other priorities”

  17. Puro Mestizo

    Renelda, too many seem to believe asking if more can be done means you believe nothing has been done. All Dr. Boyce and others are asking is SOMETHING more than flowery rhetoric be given in return for blind loyalty. I guess that’s too much to ask for and you and I should fall in lock step with the herd mentality.

  18. Renelda Moorehead

    @Puro Mestizo–You know good and well we are not the type of people to
    fall in lock-step. I have always danced to the tune of a different drummer.
    And can I dance!!! But seriously, Puro, We are not alone. We are not the herd but we will be heard, hopefully. If the Obama Adminstration would match the talk with the walk we, The Americans of like mind, would bear witness to a euphonious orchestration of Government working for the people.
    If Fate doesn’t do the twist The Obamas will be dancing at another inauguration ball in 2013. But this high flown rhetoric with no ACTION has got to go. No lock-stepping, Puro Mestizo. WE are beacons for change.

  19. I am proud to walk lock step with President Obama. I reject all negarobots like you. Re-elect President Obama 2012!

  20. Kit

    Puro and Renelda, I appreciate your point of view. The angry comments prove Dr. Boyce’s point. I hold that voting for someone because he/she blacks or let someone on the radio or TV tell us what candidate blacks need to vote for is detrimental to our very freedom and denies the freedom to individually choose. I call this “blindside symbolism”. I am a independent; Democrats and Republican candidates will have to fight for my vote because I understand that “one size fits all” concept is not in the best interest for Black Americans as a whole, especially voting straight ticket Democrat or for all black candidates without raising the questions, “why and what do you stand for?” I’ve adopted the quote by Carter G. Woodson when it comes to politics. “History shows that it does not matter who is in power or what revolutionary forces take over the government, those who have not learned to do for themselves and have to depend solely on others never obtain any more rights or privileges in the end than they had in the beginning.”

  21. Who the hell are you to state what’s in the best interest for Black Americans! We are going to vote in historic lock step in support of President Obama. Why because he is the best candidate. I am not ashamed to say I going to vote for President Obama because he is black. He has brought the country back from the brink of a depression. He is a great role model especially African-Americans. He is going to win a second term despite the negative trolls out there. Re-elect President Obama 2012!

  22. Kit

    Tinyhart, we can ask the same question to you but only nicer. Who are you to state what is in the best interest for Black Americans? Who are you to dictate to all that WE are going to vote in historic lock step in support of the current president? I don’t agree with his social policies and some of his economic policies. In fact, I’m not crazy about any of the candidates that are running for president Democrat or Republicans. I hoping someone else steps up, it could be on either side, that’s my right and I won’t let you or anybody else take that right away from me. I don’t owe the Obamas anything. Enough with the CNN & DNC talking points.

  23. Puro Mestizo

    Kit, who are you to think for yourself? How dare you place conditions on your support in place of blindly following the crowd? Don’t you know there can be no other choice? It’s like drinking urine or poison, yes the urine won’t kill you, it may even quench your thirst, but don’t pretend there’s a such thing as water……………….

  24. hausa

    It is amazing to listen to all the self congratulations about being independent thinkers. Perhaps more care should be placed on carefully characterizing the conversation. Not all of us are voting for Obama because he is Black, a Democrat or any other single issue. There simply is NO OTHER choice. You can pontificate all you want, wish another candidate comes along with all your heart or simply not vote at all. The reality, at least at present, is there is Obama (flawed, imperfect, lacking as you define him) versus the Party of Hate. It’s simple.

    You don’t have to sign on for all Obama does or stands for. Push him, challenge him and his party, encourage and suggest new ideas. I get concerned when I see the Dr. B’s and Tavis’-like commentary with little in the way of concrete ideas. Most of the commentators said very little when the President was a white man…most were too busy feeling “good” about Clinton being “the first black president” because he played the saxophone on Arsenio – we fall for stupid ish like this all the time. Where was the criticism of Bill Clinton? So the hate and vitriol toward Obama simply speaks to the condition of self hate….not independent thought…..

    Feel me?

  25. Puro Mestizo

    Hausa, thank you so much for an objective response. I feel we differ slightly on the message conveyed by Dr. Boyce and Mr’s Smiley and West. I believe your plan is EXACTLY what they are seeking, not a vacuum of support for President Obama, but a demand of concrete efforts done in part for the support already given. Also, Tavis Smiley and Cornel West have both been speaking out against the hypocrisy of the democratic party for years prior to President Obama’s candidacy, not so certain about Dr. Boyce as I’ve only recently begun to follow his dialogues. Yet in his defense, Dr. Boyce has posted numerous article in FULL SUPPORT of President Obama, and even when questioning him, it is done in a respectful manner. The problem comes when elected officials are ABOVE questioning. I know President Obama is CLEARLY a better choice than Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney, I just want to be assured a 2012 President Obama can do more than the current one we have now…….

  26. hausa


    Ok then – we have found common ground. I think the world of Dr. West, concerned a bit about Dr. Boyce’s motivations (lot of infotainment coming from him), but respect his intellect and overall message (outside Obama), and Tavis simply lost me awhile ago.

    Common ground! Hope to see more of that on these posts….

    hang tough..

  27. Kit

    Thank you Puro, I appreciate your response to me! I’m glad I know where to find the water!

  28. Look troll – I am not stating what is in the best interest of black americans or anyone else. I am saying that over 92% of black americans are going to support President Obama because he is the best candidate. I don’t care what you think or who you support. I am not trying to convince you of anything. I am all in for President Obama along with the super majority of all black americans. He is our President and I am very proud to support him. He is a good man plus he has a beautiful black wife. Re-elect President Obama 2012!

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