President Obama Gets “Beefy” with AZ Gov Jan Brewer



Yes, she really is wagging her finger in his face – Wow.

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3 responses to “President Obama Gets “Beefy” with AZ Gov Jan Brewer

  1. Reblogged this on Diamond Hospitality's Blog and commented:
    This picture has gone viral and we felt the need to help push it along.

    Read for the story behind the picture. Do you think she was disrespectful?

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  2. Shirlene Pryor

    Yes I do think that it was disrespectful. Even as a child I hated when someone (scolded me) by wagging a finger in my face and grew to dislike it more as I grew up. To greet the POTUS with that kind of attitude is unthinkable. Who does she think she is? Who does she think HE is and what or whom does she think that he represents? She is also quoted as saying that “HE desrespected her by walking away”. WHAT???????!!!!!!!

  3. Lorna

    The gov & the gop have lost their collective minds. The old folk would have helped them find it.

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