Dr. Boyce: Obama’s SOTU Speech Addresses a Matter of National Security

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World 

I’ve never had a problem with money.  It’s good, it’s green, you can do fun things with it.  But as a Finance Professor, I learned long ago that there is a difference between appreciating the power of money and falling in love with it.  America is a country that loves money the way Flava Flav loves clocks and fried chicken; it’s entirely over the top, and years of unregulated capitalism are serving to undermine the stability of our entire democracy.

Over the last 15-years, the real wage of the Average American worker has remained stagnant.  Programs have also been sliced for the poor in record numbers.  All the while, the wealthiest 5% of all Americans have accumulated more than half of our country’s wealth.  Simultaneously, the bottom 40% only hold .3% of that wealth.  This, my friends, is not healthy American free enterprise.  This is the making of an oppressive society that is hell bent on self-destruction.

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4 responses to “Dr. Boyce: Obama’s SOTU Speech Addresses a Matter of National Security

  1. Rev. Ralph Galen

    Dear Dr. Watkins,
    I’m actually responding to your comments on President Obama’s State of the Union Address. I thank you for what I think is your balanced appraisal and generous welcome of his remarks. While i am far from being sanguine about the future of our nation, I think it is crucial to not gratuitously twist the knives of our frustration. Of course he is a President like the ones who have gone before, thoroughly embedded in the fabric of a greedy, violent, emaciated democracy. He needed to bend to the will of the ruling elite or he wouldn’t have given his speech last night. And because he is our grand spokesperson, he needs our guidance and our love. Like Tavis Smiley and Cornell West you seem adhere to the motto Elect him, Protect him, Correct him, and I add, don’t reject him. Without making a comparison to the opposing party, the Republican candidates for president represent all the ugliness of the American nightmare. There is not one of them now running with an obvious sense of integrity. The man Barack Obama yet embodies a measure of decency and courage. Whether he will activate those qualities remains to be seen. To see the President last night was a balm to the nation’s excoriated wounds. He rightfully deserves support.
    With deep appreciation,
    Rev. Ralph Galen, Community Church of Immigrant City, Lawrence, MA

  2. Renelda Moorehead

    The president’s SOTU was as I expected, full of rhetoric and partisan promises. I have well-honed intuition. I do not trust this president. If he
    does well, that’s to his credit. We shall see, maybe. And further, I believe
    that the average citizen isn’t interested in all this tax the rich talk. What we want see is more money in our pockets. Every taxpayer wants to be taxed
    less. That stands to reason.
    America’s poor are being horribly neglected via a sagging, no, blighted infrastructure. WE need these issues addressed, fixed. A country is judged
    by how it treats its poorest citizens. It is time for action–past time.

  3. WizardG

    We Americans are not as intelligent as we think we are and, of course, many of us were completely locked out of the proper education sphere. We should take into account our lack of proper education and information as we continue to folly over the false hype of the political system of this nation! Nothing is as it seems, but the people are unable to clearly comprehend this! In fact, most people do not factor in the great number of lies, secrets, and flat out inconsistencies that make up this sociopolitical structure. You don’t know who you’re supporting, what you’re supporting, and you don’t know what you’re doing! What are you thinking?

    You continue to follow the inferences set up by, what are obviously, a very conniving Anglo-elite structure and you have swallowed the vast array of bull-crap, ‘hook-line and sinker’!

    I think that long ago the elite had already witnessed the naive gullibility of the masses when they found how easily they could sell fake religious belief structures. At that point they realized that if people would believe in invisible Gods, etc., they would believe anything!
    People do not realize just how insanely gullible we are, and cannot see that we are constantly being gamed by some very ruthless men!

    Our minds have been tampered with for so long that we actually believe that the politicians and this form of government are legitimate! I think that this is insane!

  4. Renelda Moorehead

    @WizardG__”And this I know; I know nothing.” That erudite statement applies, I believe, to both our governments and citizens. The U.S. Government is mammoth. It seems miscommunication is the order of the day. There is a lot of flotsam and jetsam in the air, on the airwaves. Nobody
    knows what’s really going on; the price of advanced technology. In the final
    analysis, the American people depend on our media and electronic equipment, like television, to tell us for whom to vote. We vote for the best
    looking, the most charismatic, the most mesmerizing speaker, and buzz words. It’s NOT that We The People are stupid, or uninformed, or disinterested overall. There’s just too much info thrown at us (politicans and
    constituents). As for white folks being so clever? Not so, at least no more than blacks or others. And having a belief system, i.e., believing in a deity?
    Just about EVERY CULTURE has had one or several (polythieism). It has
    been ascertained by human behaviorists that believing in a deity is a necessary component to holistically good health. So, if it works…
    As for politicians and government being legit? It exists therefore it is.
    “And this I know; I know nothing…”

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