Deadbeat Republican Owes $100,000 in Child Support


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4 responses to “Deadbeat Republican Owes $100,000 in Child Support

  1. Renelda Moorehead

    So what?!? Is this website going to bash Republicans in favor of Obama?
    If so, you should let us know. If you cannot be impartial, then I, for one,
    am not interested in being part of your website. I did not know “Your Black
    World” is a biased, political website. If it is, so be it. I will unsubscribe.
    This article is a backlash. I know Dr. Boyce and others are all enthralled by
    The SOTU address. And have gone hoarse over it. The Obamas are superior public speakers. But I am an independent voter, and I don’t cotton to biased reporting. If you’re going to expose dirty laundry, do it for both
    parties. Unless, this is a pro Obama website.
    By the way, which black fraternity did Obama pledge as an undergrad?


    21 Jan 12 – This is a follow up to my post from January 3, 2012:

    On 17 Jan 12 – I appeared at the Chesapeake Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court in Chesapeake, VA for a child support review. I originally had an support order for 675.79. The childs’ mother filed a motion for an increase in her child support after I returned from doing 15 months in Afghanistan. For the last past four months, she wanted me to provide my LES to my daughter’s school/daycare so that she could receive an discount for my military service. She receives one already for being a federal civilian service employee. I asked her if I provided the daycare with my paystub would the amount be deducted from my child support. You already know what that answer was. I then asked her to provide me with a copy of her weekly or month bill and her paystub. She refused. The school of course couldn’t give me a copy of the bill due to privacy act guideline so I didn’t even ask them. She even had the audacity to comment that I didn’t give her any of my tax free earnings from my 15 combat tour. I reminded her that I wasn’t her husband and never would be. I also told her that she gets the earned child income credit as well. I was penalized for being an E8 over 20 years, with a housing allowance, and allowance for subsistance ($7,479.69). The year to date gross is $90,627.64. Her monthly gross pay as an GS5 step 1 is $2,696.58; making her yearly salary of $32,358.96.
    Based on the Common Wealth of Virginia’s Child Support Guidelines, my portion of support for my 4 year old daughter is $1,140.39 and her portion is $468.61. The “system” did take into account my $825.00 support order for my 8 year old, and the $15.86 that I pay for TRICARE Dental. But that was it! When the mediator asked her if she wanted to negotiate, she refused based on: (1) when she asked me to enroll my daughter in an on base child care facility, I refused. I refused at the time, because my child would have to resided with me. Additionally, she wouldn’t have been able to pay the weekly fees that she would have been charged due to my rank. (2) she stated that my child is reading on a Second Grade level, her medical condition requires attentiveness, and she is comfortable with the small classroom size at this Academy/Daycare. (3) I’m not involved in my daughter’s life because I didn’t get her any X-Mass/Birthday presents. So I explained to the mediator that prior to leaving for Afghanistan in November 2009, I left X-Mass and birthday presents with a mutual friend. During my 2010 time in country, my sister’s did the shopping and FEDEX’d the X-Mass and birthday gifts to my daughter’s house, and while I was sitting in that seat speaking to the mediator – gifts were in my vehicle.
    I appeared in front of the judge in my Service Dress Blue uniform. I didn’t expect preferential treatment just because I’m in the military. It is a know fact that in states were the military is the dominant ecomonical stimulate for jobs and revenue there is biasness anyway. Just ask any man who has been stationed or has retired in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
    They love the military industrial complex, but its a “double-edged” sword for a male servicemember residing there who might be undergoing a divorce or dealing with increases in child support payments. I feel that child supprt itself isn’t for the child. It is for the custodial parent, which 99% of the time is the mother. Unless the mother is smoking crack or doing something hideous and it’s posted on YouTube or FaceBook, she will always be awarded custody of the child. When the judge asked the Petitioner if she was okay with the increase the comment out of her mouth was, “Thank you. I can now pay my daycare.” She was receiving $675.89. How was she not paying for the daycare expenses? At $144.00 (give or take) a week, her previous child support amount did cover the daycare. The problem is that she still wants her cake and icecream. She has her mortgage, car note, home/car insurance, student loans, monthly utility bills, and credit card debt (come on folks you know that all women have a few credit card bills:)), and last but not least the weave, nails, and pedicure expenses. Once I was given the opportunity to speak, I humbled myself to the Judge and explained to him that the new amount would endure an financial hardship based on my monthly expenses for being stationed in the DMV (D.C./Maryland/Northern Virginia) area. In his reply to me, he simply focused on the updated Commonwealth of Virginia child support state guidelines formula. When I asked if I could present to the court my monthly itemized bills, he reminded me that basically the child support guidelines were simply the guidelines and it alleviates the courts involvement with making a decision. I was under the impression that as a Judge, he could always use his discretion. Not the case. Furthermore, he awarded her the increase retroactive to when I signed the return receipt card. This was done on November 23, 2011. So I had to make up November – December 2011 and January 2012 difference between the old and new child support amounts. That came out to $1,393.50. That was mailed to the Treasurer of Virginia in Richmond, VA. I didn’t want to experience the heart ache of having “arrears” again.
    So much for the unity between black men and women or the focus on the black family. It’s sad that in 2012, black men are being financially, emotionally, and even physically burdened with the anger and hate from
    black women. When we were segregated as a race, this wasn’t the issue.
    Men took care of their kids and were not reduced to being simply an employer for black women who refuse to work or better themselves. Everyone is looking for a payday based on what happens in Hollywood. Every man doesn’t have the income and assets equal to that of an NBA/NFL basketball player. When it comes to fatherhood, men have no rights or so say with their income or their ability to engage in an loving relationship with their children if, they didn’t marry the mother of their children. Even get a divorce and the tables turn on the father quicker than a women running after an paycheck at the NBA All Star Weekend farce. When will Tyler Perry tell this story? Probably never, because his fan base and supporters are angry Black Women who feel that a man should marry them because they conceived or in a majority of cases today (as in mine) deceived him by having an unwanted child. Any woman over the age of “30″ that has a child does so intentionally. That is the new “comeup” today with women of all races. Not the married ones, but the ones who are single and are looking for some financial security and stability.
    I highly doubt that the Congressman will ever go through any of this.

  3. If wasn’t one of those always screaming about fiscial responsibility, this article wouldn’t matter so much but this fool is always throwing stone and screaming about how Barack Obama is destroying his childrens future. He said on camera, I want let Barack Obama put one more dollar of debt on the back of my children and he won’t feed them either. And I don’t care what party you are affiliated with or the color of your skin, if you want even pay child support, for your children, then what difference does it matter if they get another dollar of debt thrown on their backs, when you’re not even making sure that that have their basic everyday needs met. He’s considered to be a “budget hawk” and now we know he’s just a dead-beat hypocrite sperm donor. Good job Dr. Boyce-he should be ousted. I wrote about this months ago. My son’s father was an NFL player for 11 years and I had to fight for every dollar of child support and if he were running around pretending to be worrying about his children and this country’s debt and bla, bla, bla, I would expose his butt too.

  4. Rex

    Charlie Rangel?

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