Dr. Boyce and Roland Martin Discuss Poverty, Race and the State of the Union


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4 responses to “Dr. Boyce and Roland Martin Discuss Poverty, Race and the State of the Union

  1. Much of making a caricature of Dr. King’s actual contributions to the fight for quality of opportunity and results come from us. Everyone and his father now marched with Dr. King. Everyone and his mother supported Dr. King. And those who have the real history want to romanticize him as well. Maya Angelou wanted the inscription on the monument changed after it was inscribed by the work of the committee on which she sat but did not attend the meetings. Blame us! I expect in 20 years, our progeny will remember Dr. King as we remember George Washington: Dr. King the dreamer who dreamed dreams that never were and George Washington, who told the truth about the cherry tree that did not exist.

  2. Renelda Moorehead

    @educatorwhome(Goodness, girl! You are a SOUR WOMAN. Some of
    Rev. Dr. King’s dreams have been realized. This one should know: Negroes will live anywhere our money will take us. And good luck w/ your advert:

  3. Renelda Moorehead

    Lord! I love intelligent, urbane men–especially black men. That said, the
    “Washington Watch” segment was like “preaching to the choir.” Obama,
    your President, needs to have a print of this tape. The people are willing.
    We need black leadership of the uncommon ilk of Dr. King. No doubt, those
    of us who saw him speak at the nascense of his popularity, or worked with him, or have read his “Strength To Love” sermons and some of Dr. KIng’s
    referenced works, know the message and the goals he set for posterity.
    Gee, if you have the video film “Boycott,” you know The Rev. Dr. was no wuss. Far from it. All who surrounded the movement on any level were warriors.
    Now we have Mr. Obama as President of these United States (And I predict
    for four more years). Granted, he is no Rev. Dr. King, by any means, and
    should have had the integrity to NOT ACCEPT THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.
    He has never done anything meaningfrul for blacks before his ascendency or since. Don’t expect much from Mr. Obama. What our people need is
    one of you erudite men of good faith, who know and still have LOVE FOR THE
    BLACK COMMUNITIES, to feel the calling to lead us out of this abyss into
    which our leaderless, communities have fallen. The black bourgeosisie
    has gotten too COMFORTABLE. Everybody out here ain’t strugglin’, y’dig?
    MAY BE REQUIRED. “If a man hasn’t found something he is willing to die
    for; he isn’t fir to live.” The Rev. Dr. King lived and breathed those words.
    He made dreams a reality. All who know or know of The REV. Dr.’s work know this is truth. I love intelligent, urbane black men with heart.

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