Newt Gingrich’s Wife Says He Wanted an Open Marriage

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3 responses to “Newt Gingrich’s Wife Says He Wanted an Open Marriage

  1. Renelda Moorehead

    I know it is hard to switch gears and move on. But there is a huge red flag in a marriage when your spouse asks for an open marriage. My next question is was Newts’ wife, Marianne, performing with gusto her conjugal connubial ‘duties?’ Whatever the case, she is a bitter woman to smear her ex. And could her sanctimonious life bear the kind of vetting, public scrutiny her ex is under? Marianne needs to see a shrink and workout her hostilities.

  2. WizardG

    The elite-owned media makes people like Newt Gingrich a household name, but great people like Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Randall Robinson, Cornel West, and even Democracy Now’s, Amy Goodman are hardly known!
    This relates to the point I constantly try to make with “black” people that we are being thoroughly manipulated and conned by the ‘elite’ in ever possible manner!
    If they don’t want the populace to know people, they simply keep them out of the media. In that same train of thought. If they hadn’t wanted Mr. Obama to be their president they would have shut him out the same way they shut out most of the candidates and others that people never hear about! That is one of the reasons why I know that the elite chose Mr. Obama to be their front-man! It is also how I know that they are allowing all of these retards like Gingrich to stay in the news. It is why they put a band of retards in line to pretend to run for president when anyone in his right mind should understand that Obama is the “chosen one”.
    As for Gingrich and his wife. I’m sick of hearing his name I don’t listen when they televise him speaking, and his wife is obviously insane enough to have married that racist mega-maniac!

  3. ,WizardG: Show the readers on this site with substantial evidentiary proof your claim the eiltes chose President Obama to be their front-man?
    What elites chose President Obama? Where did you learn that the elites chose President Obama to be “thier front-man” to broker their interests?
    Have you conducted an investigation to back-up your claims that the elites chose Obama to be their front-man? Then share the results of your findings
    with the viewers on this site. How did you corroborate the information that you obtained in your investigation of Obama being the front man for the
    ruling elites? Give us the date that you conducted your investigation and where the viewers on this site may obtain said copy of your investigation. Most of the Black people who visit this site are fully aware of Noam Chomsky, the great Howard Zinn, Randall Robinson, Cornel West, Amy Goodman and the contributions that they have made to struggle of oppress people in the USA and worldwide. You are being totally condescending and manipulative in your misplaced assumption that Black people and other

    Americans don’t know who the above individuals are. What you should be doing is going into a little more depth and detail to explain why the corporate sponsored media doesn’t cover with honest critique the contributions of Noam Chomsky, Randall Robinson, Cornel West, Amy Goodman, Paul
    Robeson, Robert Williams, Ella Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer, The Brandeis Report of May 2010 on the Racial Wealth Gap Increases Fourfold.

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