Dr. Boyce: Why Michelle Would Have Made an Even Better First Black President

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6 responses to “Dr. Boyce: Why Michelle Would Have Made an Even Better First Black President

  1. all knowledgable…individuals…..realize what..and who Dr. King was…and remains…but there willalways be individuals..trying to reinvent..thusly reinterpet…what he stood for and what he was about….in line with their personal political/social views…which we know in many ways…are..not in line what this man represented..and are used to acheive a end…..which goes agaisnt enpowerment…for the have nots……it is what they have…and will continue to use…for now what over the 300 years…and counting….that is exactly why…we should…initiate..our own….education curriculums…..especially……and establish our own schools…..from…head start thru….12th grade……we all see the statistics…..can we continue to ignore them….at the detriment…of our future…our children?

  2. Lincoln must be seen as the embodiment, not the transdendence, of the American tradition of racism. In his inability to rise above that tradition, Lincoln, often called the “noblest of all Americans” holds up a flawed mirror to the White American,s soul & one that honors him today, not by gazing fixedly at that flawed image, but by seeing oneself in the reflected ambivalences of a life that calls us to transdendence…not imitation. Lerone Bennett Jr.:Forced into Glory-Abraham Lincoln,s white dream.

  3. First Lady Michelle Obama is the best First Lady – equal personality with Jackie Kennedy. Best attributes about First Lady Michelle Obama is she is intelligent, educated and beautiful. I would vote her the best of all First Ladies. I will vote for her husband in November.

  4. WizardG

    The Anglo-elite will always determine what kind of person they need to represent their follies. Most people are actually under the impression that politicians actually run this nation! Most people think a lot of crazy odd things they wouldn’t if they could view the nation and the world with better clarity. But very few possess the ability to see through the tons of BS we have been inundated with all of our lives!

    African Americans “blacks” really should -know better, but I think that most have been so assimilated into this insane, lopsided social structure that it is almost impossible for them to find proper enlightenment! So black people are left thinking abstract political thoughts as if this nation were a properly functioning, just society. Which it isn’t by a long-shot!

    That said. The Anglo-elite and their cohorts are the actual choice makers for this capitalist warmongering machine they call the U.S., and they appear to be choosing their political frontmen according to their immediate needs, designs, and projections during their ongoing “Manifest Destiny”. I think that if they feel a “black” female will serve their purposes then they will chose whomever they wish and of course as usual, make it all seem as if the public did the choosing.
    They do very well in keeping the whole populace quite fooled! So whomever they choose next after they’re done with ‘Mr. Obama, their choices will best suit [their] needs, motives, and future projections. Although I don’t see them using a female during their wars on nations which subvert females, because some of their accomplice nations also subvert females. In fact so has this country for the most part!

  5. Man of God

    If we are to be leaders of world Let us do it by being righteous. If you don’t believe that you shouldn’t lead according to your own understanding, but every word that comes out of the mouth of God. Then if you don’t believe that, then I will pray for you. Remember that God is always watching you, do the right thing.

  6. Dr. Christopher Mobley

    Not a chance. There’s a “feel” or “touch” dynamic in play when running for President of the United States that I’ve never seen or felt from her. We should all know by now that running for THIS job is not for amateurs, which she would be on that particular stage. Richard Ben Cramer in his 1989 book “What It Takes” offered the thought that even for experienced politicians running for President is different from any other position they ever tried for.
    We’ve seen it happen this year with candidates not ready for prime time falling by the wayside. To expect that Michelle Obama could do this is just not fair or professional, no matter what her assets are as First Lady. So far she’s been very good there and not just as “surface”.

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