Mom Makes Son Wear Sign that Says “I Steal, I Sell Drugs, I Don’t Follow the Law”


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4 responses to “Mom Makes Son Wear Sign that Says “I Steal, I Sell Drugs, I Don’t Follow the Law”

  1. WizardG

    Mom is trying to save her son, but her methods are crude and abusive. She has settled her child into a neighborhood/environment teaming with criminally active peers. Her best move would be to get her son out of the area she brought him into. If she cannot do that then the problems she has helped create will need more than a self-deprecating sign to curb her son’s mounting anti-social problems. His peers and others are going to cause him great pain because of his mother’s actions and she will not be around then.

    I have read stories about children and/or teens who were advancing their lives despite their poverty-stricken crime-ridden neighborhoods, but were inadvertently caught up in the sad issues of those around them, their peers, and others unknown, which caused them prison time or death.

    In a tiny percentage of cases this mother’s strategy might work, but more often than not it will make matters much worse for both of them.

  2. El Prieto

    Wizard G, so instead of making him realize he is responsible for his actions and there are repercussions to address them, she should get rich and move everytime he does something stupid?

  3. The Purest black

    short note to Mom: Thanks for abusing me so I can now hate Black women. Thanks Mom.Good job of raising me.
    Signed -One Wreck of A Black man who will have a huge inferiority complex.

  4. El Prieto

    Stating someone’s actions are abuse? When are we going to shed the victim mentality and take responsibility for our actions?

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