Did 50 Cent’s Photoshopped Picture of Blue Ivy Carter Cross the Line?

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5 responses to “Did 50 Cent’s Photoshopped Picture of Blue Ivy Carter Cross the Line?

  1. I feel adamantly about respecting ones progeny and as we draw closer to King’s birthday we shoud reevaluate what it means to be selfless and black, not divisive and nigga predisposed. If 50 is trying to insult Jay he should do it according to rap ettiquite, battle him on wax. Taking a cheap shot at him by desecrating the image of his seed is crass and deplorable. He is essentially making a charicature out of the unassuing new born, synonymous to how racist cartooinist and genetically envious columnist depict President Obama as being an abomination of himself. This is coonery on the part of 50, he is behaving like a 15th century Caliph selling his own people into captivity for the fruits of Babylon.

  2. El Prieto

    Are we really expecting someone who glorifies misogyny, fractricide of his own people through violence and drug sells and money and self importance over everything to be respectful of someones newborn child? Pick your role models better or at least consider the source when you hear idiocy.

  3. WizardG

    Who are these people? They are performers. The ‘Elite-media’ is big on promoting “black” performers and entertainers, but not so big on promoting our thinkers and ‘do-gooders’. The Anglo-elite and their media is not good at promoting the best side of the black community, but “gung-ho” in popularizing what I believe is a negative side of our community that is the result of centuries and generations of poverty, misdirection, servitude, poor education, discrimination in housing, education, jobs, and a constantly ongoing attack of social degradation and demonization, etc.

    The mere fact that our youth are still influenced by and helping the Anglo-elite fight their wars of pillage, and we are still supporting their violence on us and other nations, speaks volumes as to where ours, and the minds of our youth are. I refer to our community as “scatterbrained” in that we are a helter-skelter community flailing ourselves in all directions! Look at our “State-of-the-Black-Union” and you should be able to logically figure out why people like ’50-Cent’ would do what he does, or why any of us would do whatever the hell it is we do! But the important things most of us are unable to figure out are the true reasons why we are still suffering as a people in this country. Most of us are still in denial of the facts, and/or do not understand the history and nature of the beast!

  4. This is too funny! If you don’t think so then oh well go to bed! lol

  5. I think we have a lot more things to worry about.

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