Michelle Obama Tired of Being Labeled an “Angry Black Woman”

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5 responses to “Michelle Obama Tired of Being Labeled an “Angry Black Woman”

  1. arthur F. Jones

    Be very happy. Yale and Harvard graduate. Recognize jealousy. Your are the matriarch of a most wonderful family.

  2. Shirlene Pryor

    I watched Michelle Obama on The CBS mornng show this morning. She was as great as usual. She is one of the people on this planet that I truly admire. No distorted version of Michelle Obama written in a book by some “Wanta get Rich Quick” on the back of someone that he knows VERY LITTLE about (and cares less) is going to change my beliefs or alter my thinking one iota.

  3. I never got the impression that the First Lady was an angry black woman. Why would she be? She’s married to the most powerful man in the world.

  4. WizardG

    Bernie Madoff, a man with cunning and suave, stole billions (now hidden) from unsuspecting people who thought he was a very good man. Do you think his wife didn’t know? Mr. Obama, a man with intellect and suave, has agreed to serve the Anglo-Elite and their cohorts in their continued quest for world domination and genocide. Do you think his wife doesn’t know?
    The only people who don’t know are the millions affected by these types of dangerous-evil people who pretend to be our friends! Oh how nice they look! Oh how sweet their families! Look how they (must) ignore our pleas for a better world!

    How could Michele be angry when she stands to be a forever well kept lady, while the populace never knowing the truth about her role in our oppression! Oh look at the suggestions her keepers make for her to appear charitable ( They live lavishly off taxpayer money while blatantly serving the elite)!

  5. Its just a comfort zone for some people. Some people are nit comfortable until they can label someone in a derogatory box such as angry black woman. What most don’t understand is that the black woman is angry because her loved ones can easily be distorted in the minds of those in authority causing great harm. She is actually a warning to those who would hear her. Even as Christ stated ” even if you don’t believe me believe the words I speak” . minority women have a heighten sense of impending danger. Its a safety switch, the sentinel that watches over the entire nation including those who pronounce her angry. She is actually trying to get your attention because you are not attentive to or most do not asses their environment. She wants to preserve her love ones.

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