New Book Reveals that Mrs. Obama Was Frustrated with President Obama’s Team

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2 responses to “New Book Reveals that Mrs. Obama Was Frustrated with President Obama’s Team

  1. That’s why the Obamas survive as loving couple. President Obama listens to First Lady advice. She is his engine. You cannot fight GOPers, TEA Partiers and right-wing media without peace at home. That’s why President Obama has survived excellent President. American people love their President and First Lady. Republicans under Bush and Reagan denied poor American kids advanced training and professions. Only kids of top rich could go to college. That’s why we have shortages of local doctors, nurses, engineers, scientist, professors, roofers, auto-mechanics, electricians, dentists, electronic engineers and computer programmers. We have been importing these from Japan, India, Mexico, Holland, Poland, Kenya, Tanzania, England, Nigeria and even Ethiopia. In my last year in college, I had accounting professor from Northern Korea. His accent was terrible. Now with President Obama, many people are attending advanced training. I hope FoxNews will no longer whine and defame the Affordable Health Care law. Their eason. “How can the government bring in 31 mi people to be treated in hospitals. We don’t have medical professionals.” Only the rich wanted to be treated in hospitals – not the other poor 31mi Americans. Is it not stupid reasoning? That’s BS now.

  2. With all the things President Obama has to deal with, I am glad he has the voice of the people with him through Michelle. With her wisdom and his strength. They both make a great team. Keep listening, Mr. President, she knows your heart and your agenda and she knows they go hand in hand,.

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