Is It OK to Question Christianity?

Yvette Carnell, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Pastor Mika Edmondson discuss the issue. 

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10 responses to “Is It OK to Question Christianity?

  1. I am starting to question these religions. I mean all religions. Catholicism, Islam, Mormonism and other Christian religions. Reason is leaders in these religions are breakers of what they preach. Look at Pat Robertson. He is a racist, but hears him on pulpit. “God created human being in his likeness.” I wonder if he means White human beings or all human beings as whole. And this goes to some Christian followers. Why do Christians treat others like dirty as soon as they come out of churches? Did you hear what Gingrich, who is now Catholic, talk about Blacks? Dirty. Did you hear what Santorum referenced Blacks in Iowa –free loaders? Romney Mormon church believes Blacks are cursed. I hope you know Ron Paul gets money from KKK groups. And believe it KKK members belong to Christianity. I have recommendations for readers. Believe in Jesus and God only. God instructions are in all of us. So don’t listen to BS preached by religious leaders because they interpret the Bible or Koran to suit them for money. I hope you have seen Jesus pictures and renderings as a blonde man. I question if Jesus, being Jewish, was blonde. Therefore be careful with preachers like Pat Robertson. They are all hypocrites, liars and abusers of other human in name of their religion. Follow your God’s call already in you.

  2. hibrown

    You are an educated woman; you can read for youself; you can reason for yourself. The problem with most people is that they depend on a man or woman to to be their guide to God. In order to know who God is and His son Jesus, you have to seek for yourself. I know that for you to be in the position that you are that in college you studied beliving that if you retained what you read you would excell in your grades, graduate and become the professional that you have become. The scripture tells us to “Study to show yourself approved unto God…; Ask Him for wisdom..; You first must have faith that there is a God and seek Him the same way you sought man’s knowledge to graduate from college. I am a 66 year old junior at Youngstown State University; I read the books I need to pass my courses, but it is what I read from the bible that helps me to live. I suggest that you become a beliver not just claim the title Christian. Follow god and He will direct you to the truth and He will show you those that are false. PS; we have a lot of Black Christian leaders that also are leading the people astray.

  3. Eileena

    Acts 17:11- New International Version (©1984)
    ‘Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.’ Do we do that or do we take everything at face value?

  4. Eileena

    Barnes’ Notes on the Bible
    Barnes’ Notes on the Bible Acts 17:11,
    These were more noble – εὐγενέστεροι eugenesteroi. This literally means more noble by birth; descended from more illustrious ancestors. But here the word is used to denote a quality of mind and heart. They were more generous, liberal, and noble in their feelings; more disposed to inquire candidly into the truth of the doctrines advanced by Paul and Silas. It is always proof of a noble, liberal, and ingenuous disposition to be willing to examine into the truth of any doctrine presented. The writer refers here particularly to the Jews.

    In that – Because.

    They received the word … – They listened attentively and respectfully to the gospel. They did not reject and spurn it as unworthy of examination. This is the first particular in which they were more noble than those in Thessalonica.

    And searched the scriptures – That is, the Old Testament. See the notes on John 5:39. The apostles always affirmed that the doctrines which they maintained respecting the Messiah were in accordance with the Jewish scriptures. The Bereans made diligent and earnest inquiry in respect to this, and were willing to ascertain the truth.

    Daily – Not only on the Sabbath, and in the synagogue, but they made it a daily employment. It is evident from this that they had the Scriptures; and this is one proof that Jewish families would, if possible, obtain the oracles of God.

    Whether those things were so – Whether the doctrines stated by Paul and Silas were in accordance with the Scriptures. The Old Testament they received as the standard of truth, and whatever could be shown to be in accordance with that, they received. On this verse we may remark:

    (1) That it is proof of true nobleness and liberality of mind to be willing to examine the proofs of the truth of religion. What the friends of Christianity have had most cause to lament and regret is, that so many are unwilling to examine its claims; that they spurn it as unworthy of serious thought, and condemn it without hearing.

    (2) the Scriptures should be examined daily. If we wish to arrive at the truth, they should be the object of constant study. That man has very little reason to expect that he will grow in knowledge and grace who does not peruse, with candor and with prayer, a portion of the Bible every day.

    (3) the constant searching of the Scriptures is the best way to keep the mind from error. He who does not do it daily may expect to “be carried about with every wind of doctrine,” and to have no settled opinions.

    (4) the preaching of ministers should be examined by the Scriptures. Their doctrines are of no value unless they accord with the Bible. Every preacher should expect his doctrines to be examined in this way, and to be rejected if they are not in accordance with the Word of God. The church, in proportion to its increase in purity and knowledge, will feel this more and more; and it is an indication of advance in piety when people are increasingly disposed to examine everything by the Bible. How immensely important, then, is it that the young should be trained up to diligent habits of searching the Word of God. And how momentous is the obligation of parents, and of Sunday school teachers, to inculcate just views of the interpretation of the Bible, and to form the habits of the rising generation, so that they shall be disposed and enabled to examine every doctrine by the sacred oracles. The purity of the church depends on the extension of the spirit of the nobleminded Bereans, and that spirit is to be extended in a very considerable degree by the instrumentality of Sunday schools.

  5. Don’t worry about Bible and other scriptures. Those are already in your innermost call from God. All those teachings are peripheral and can be abandoned. Think about people who have never heard about Christianity or Islam. They still worship God. How did they find God – because He is already in their souls and bodies. Of course we should have places to express our love to God. But this expression can be achieved individually. Be nice to all people regardless of race and creed.

  6. Dustbuster

    christ stated plainly that we should do what they preach and not what they do. In a capitalistic society mammon controls all organization secular as well as religiuos and as adult we ought to be able to see this and take responsibility. Christ stated that we should walk in the light as we come to it.

  7. infinity

    Yes, question religion. The truth was taked out of the hands of people for control. There is some truth in it but not totally.

  8. sam

    of course question christians. but dont ask a question if you going to have a closed mind. Only ask a question if you want an answer.

  9. lisa

    I question everything including religion, and, yes i do believe in god. However, after studying religion in college my views changed drastically. Religion is the base where power and wealth were born, and they say ” money is the root of all evil”, how ironic. I would go further but…

  10. WizardG

    It is important to question religious beliefs and since we are nested in a country that promotes Christianity we must question everything about it, the overall belief in a “God”, and why humans are so easily indoctrinated into the whole thing!
    I have questioned Christianity, the belief in an omnipotent being “God”, why and how it began, and why it continues today after humans have gained so much knowledge, and have dropped so many other superstitious traits.

    I question why it is needed here in the US and why it is constantly pushed on people around the world even when they already have their own superstitions, notions and beliefs.
    We are but animals, but these “beliefs” help us to think ourselves special and more important than any other species on the planet.
    In the same way some humans think that they are better than others, and some who were lucky enough to be wealthy and privileged think they are better than those who were not so lucky.

    I question religious beliefs. I question Christianity. I question why humans must have a “God”! Most of all I question what is wrong with the human race!

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