Newt Gingrich Plans to Tell Black People to Stop Asking for Welfare Checks

Newt Gingrich plans to tell the NAACP that black people should ask for paychecks instead of welfare checks.

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4 responses to “Newt Gingrich Plans to Tell Black People to Stop Asking for Welfare Checks

  1. Gingrich is another Santorum accusing Blacks as welfare free loaders. Gingrich is a hypocrite, adulterer, inhuman to his wives and children. Even GOP elites and his children said would not vote for him. He is one of those people opposed the Affordable Health Care law – which enables another 31 mi Americans access to preventive medical care. Gingrich whined in tears after somebody reminding him about his dying mother of a disease. She was lucky Newt’s mother had insurance. Believe it or not Newt expects Blacks to vote for him. This is a mentally sick man. And this goes to Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Cain, Ron Paul, Rush, Santorum, Bill O‚Äôrielly, Glenn Beck, Megan, Crowley, Malkin, Karl Rove, Berne Goldberg, Sean Hannity, Dick Morris, Varney and all GOPers and TEA Partiers who are opposed to the Health Care law – they have insurance. Let their close relatives get sick and die for lack of medical insurance. That’s the time they understand how important the law is. Sarah Palin understands the importance of the law. She has a daughter with down-syndrome, insurance refused to cover. Sarah thanks President Obama for the law. Newt is done as politician. Let’s vote for President Obama in November.

  2. Why are these g o p political hopefuls till in the race.After Santorum,s insulting statement of giving the black people money earned by the whites,than Paul,s saying that black stopped the rioting in L.A because welfare checks came in the mail,Perry,s property bares the name niggerhead,and now Gingrich wants to address the naacp on black welfare.Are the bigots for real?Are they looking for black votes?Help me someone,please,this country has died and went to hell.

  3. A Voter

    I think Newt was mainly confirming what Santorum had already said, a stupid and nasty comment about black people, unfounded, just to get some white votes. Newt has been trying to put down Romney, by being a sycophant to all that Santorum says, and Romney has spent a good deal in getting at Newt. I think he didn’t need to spend much, as Newt is going nowhere, anyway The personal comments fly at each other in this group of candidates, most of whom seem mentally or psychologically unqualified to be President of the United States. I wonder how they think they can actually win by picking unfairly on black people (maybe in some states it might work). I’m glad the Republican candidates are exposing their prejudices and ignorance, as it will contribute to the re-election of President Obama.

  4. roxanne

    Shows u how viscious these animal really are. Incredible and crazy. We know this we been deakin with this bs for s long time

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