Medical Student Identified as the Woman Who Jumped Off a Bridge

Tosin Oyelowo had a bright future, but decided to end it all.  

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3 responses to “Medical Student Identified as the Woman Who Jumped Off a Bridge

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  2. Renelda Moorehead

    Stop, please! Two main bits of info were missing from this sad story:
    1) From which African nation did this unfortunate student hail?
    2) She was a first year pharmacy student, NOT a medical student.

    I wish this blog would be investigative enough to learn personal info about
    Ms. Oyelowo so we readers will know who she was, and even why she
    chose to end her dear life. The other news services will be in-depth. Why
    not this one?

  3. Thatbrothafred

    We don’t know what was going through this sista life. I praise God to keep this sista soul at peace.

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