Dr. Boyce: Five Questions (Black) People Are Asking about the Michael Jordan Engagement

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4 responses to “Dr. Boyce: Five Questions (Black) People Are Asking about the Michael Jordan Engagement

  1. Renelda Moorehead

    I am surprised that Dr. Boyce referred to Michael Jordan as being smart enough to have black kids stabbing one another for his new sneaker.
    That just proves that everone has a weird side. Smart enough???

    And yes, black women are sick and tired of black men (especially black
    skinned men) preferring any other woman than a black one, (especially
    black skinned women). This proves to many of us that black men are tightly under the spell of THE SLAVE MENTALITY. As I see it, most folks prefer
    and are more comfortable with partners of their same culture. Like it or not
    there is an aberration in place if we prefer other cultures to our culture of
    birth. But since the brothas are running to each otha or women of different cultures, black women will have to make ‘other arrangements’ until our men
    shuffle off this morbid self-loathing slave mentality. Be Blessed Y’all…

  2. Albertak

    It’s as if no matter what level of achievement a borther has reached, in his mind he hasn’t really arrived until he proves to the world just how successful he is until gets him a white woman; it is kind of sad, I think it has to do with having a low self esteem, self image. And no, money cannot buy self image nor self worth.
    Juanita got $300 mil when she devorced Michael, let’s see what the take for this young lady will be in a couple of years, if that long.

  3. Another one has been caught in the trap.Mike earned millions of dollars playing basketball,now he getting played for millions.But who cares,if brothers can not see what went ahead of them,Wood,and Cain to name two,than let them pay the cost.

  4. Thatbrothafred

    Let’s get over it people, it does not matter. We are all human. Our history did not start in Slavery. Let’s get it right. A man or a woman can decide who ever they want to be with. By the way, yall need to check yourself and watch that vh1 and see how those Sistas is doing on their. This is why some times brothas is like why can I see a Sista who is a doctor or a lawyer ? Come on now lets be real anyway. I will back on this topic later. yall tune in. But to keep it real yall go to my brotha website. the macklessonsradio.com and check into that. This brotha is telling it like it is. Peace!

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