Dr. Boyce Thought of the Day–12/25/11

Bill Gates earns more money in one WEEKEND than LeBron James earns over an entire year…and he doesn’t even have to get out of bed to do it. THAT’S the difference between having a high income and actually being WEALTHY. Teach that to your kids….money should be your employee, not something you’re constantly grinding for just so you can give it away for a new pair of Air Jordans.



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4 responses to “Dr. Boyce Thought of the Day–12/25/11

  1. nojokester

    Good Luck getting children,. raised by .’ all consuming women’ to get that 1. Since . ‘women & minorities ‘ became the cry for ‘equal rights .$ as a tool for progress has been abandoned, Look good , feel good taste good. , oh yeah for those , No good , Men , You figure?

  2. WizardG

    American slavery was created and flourished because of Anglo capitalism and greed. We have been raised around these vile people and it is why many of us do not know how to act or be! Most of us were deprived of a family structure centuries before we were born. Some of us have been fortunate enough to ‘luckily’ make it, but most of our minds are warped by the examples of our peers, but especially this Eurocentric social-structure we have no option but to pattern ourselves after.

    Many of us have no strong family base and some who do, find that our parents were lacking many of the proper traditions, attitudes, and beliefs needed to raise children with love and true ‘Afrocentric’ guidance. What we are faced with today, are people who are semi-clones of a “white” race of greedy, self-centered, delusional human beings, who think nothing of killing others for the craziest reasons imaginable. They can’t be corrected. They can’t be reasoned with, they can’t be helped! We have chosen to fashion our lives and that of our offspring to be just like these people who have stolen our land, our language, our culture, and our future from us and our children! We have chosen to think of our lives and our successes in terms created by their culture because it is all we have known. So take a hard look at those of us who are successful and educated in Anglo schools. You shouldn’t have to look at us under a microscope to see that our thinking and actions are now just as flawed as that of our captors! All some of us can think to do now is to teach our children how to be greedy capitalist pigs because we don’t know how to be “black” Africans, and we don’t know how to teach our children to be anything but what they are not, and that is how to be “white” people!

    The saddest part is that we can’t escape this massive human tragedy we are caught up in. We can’t escape it because some of us enjoy it too much and even if some of us chose to, escape, there is nowhere to run or hide. You have only to look at the history of our towns that were destroyed and our leaders who were assassinated. You have only to look across the diaspora to see that they are preying on African “black” people around the world! And because we have been assimilated so deeply, we mindlessly help destroy (our) people and ourselves as we partake of the immediate greed and pleasures that are offered to a very few of us! Yes ‘Insanity’ is the order of the day!

  3. Patsy

    A Message to WizardG:

    I definitely agree with you when you say that we have been raised with these vile people. Last week something very special happened which I will never forget in my life. A black man who is in his seventies had tears in his eyes. He hardly knows me but I guess he felt that he could confide in me. People say that I have a great ear. I was moved to see a black man at his age crying. He didn’t have the support of his family, ran away from home at 14 and became homeless. He encountered racism from the mainstream. He was a truck driver but his real passion and dream was to become a boxer which never happened because he didn’t have the support of his family and the mainstream. It breaks my heart to hear stories like that because it happens toooooo often. So many black men and female live in a society which doesn’t allow them to fulfill their dreams. Personally, I have been sexually harrassed already by four white men since my childhood, all this happened before I was 30. And now I am only in my thirties. I have to say something, There is something about us that I reeeeally don’t understand, it is our fixation on White people despite our suffering with them. There are other people in the world and actually white people are the minority. I made the decision to have much less contact with white people for my mental health and I am definitely not masochistic. I definitely want to divorce myself from them. I discovered through my trips and life experiences that I can learn much more from other ethnicities. For instance, I am building my own business right now and I have a super smart Chinese friend who has a Master’s degree in finance. She gives me much more advice for my business (by her own iniative, in other word it is a pleasure for her to share her knowledge with me) than any White people that I ever met in my life. I believe that the relationships that we can have with Asians for instance can be much more healthier because we don’t have a heavy past with them. In addition, they don’t see themselves as the superior race and us as the inferior race.

    To finish, for now it helps me to read as much as possible great positive news of our people worldwide. I speak several languages and it gives me hope to see that despite our hurdles there are positive things going on and I believe we have to focus on that.

  4. Patsy

    I would like to add that I think our people are very naive when they believe in integration. It was the dream of my parents to live in a rich mainstream neighborhood. They achieved this dream but at what cost. My late father was a very prominent black man. When White people could not get to him, they got to me and this is how when I was a child I was sexually attacked for the first time in my life by a White prominent neighbor. It is very difficult for me to pen about this even if nobody here knows my last name but I feel that I need to tell my people the truth. They need to stop dreaming and they have to wake up!!! White people owns 98% of the wealth and us 2% even if we built this country. How can you think these people are our friends???

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