Unbelievable Buffoonery During the Air Jordan Release: We need to do better


You’ve got to see this video.  Click to read


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8 responses to “Unbelievable Buffoonery During the Air Jordan Release: We need to do better

  1. From my post that I put on my FB page this morning when I posted this story; this is what I said:Now this is some ignorant mess! People get upset about the show THE BOONDOCKS( Nigga Moment) but this whole video depicts us, as the way White America see us! We would rather stand in line for a pair of $400 sneakers but will not buy a book! Support the Arts or Local Business! Support the community! Then we are on a NEWSCAST shuckin and jivin like AMOS & ANDY! You can get mad at Tyler Perry and Aaron McGruder all you want BUT in REAL LIFE we(Black Folks) are doing as exactly as depicted! AND DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON MJ! I will save that for another time! Very said and not even remotely funny! …..The emphasis is placed on the wrong thing when it comes to success! Material things does not bring any kind of joy! It is the way we treat each other and what we learn from each other is the key! MONEY is man made! The root of all evil is money. BUT when used the right way it can be for the good!….You know what..We can’t blame FOX News. They did exactly what they were suppose to do and that was to report the news. The blame is within the Black Community and US really addressing the issues and admitting we have problems instead of sweeping them under rug! This newscast shows that. Nothing made up! Nothing reported inaccurately just the truth…..This was news because it was the same everywhere and not just FOX but all the Media outlets did a story on these stupid shoes and the acts of violence. One more note I worked for a FOX affiliate for about 5yrs. just because it is an affiliate does not mean that those folks that work for those units have the same view as the MAJOR netowork so we have to be careful who we blame because at the end of the day it comes back on us for playing right into their hands. Again this is nothing made up or false they did what they were suppose to do and I can’t find fault with that.

  2. Pollard

    Distorted perceptions and priorities…as the world watches and many of us cringe at the madness we want to escape from into other worlds, worlds where few go…even in there dreams.

  3. Renelda Moorehead

    I was ASTOUNDED! and ashamed. Okay, black leadership, what is to be done about this Tyler Perry-real life-buffoonery???

  4. All I can say is all those who got up early, got in lines days before, risked the safety of your children and spent money that most of you knew you had no business doing for something that can turn to dust and causeyou or others to lose your life…we better see all of you who are of age at somebody’s voting booth days early, lined up around the building, exercising your rights as a citizen in the same place that you went through hell and high water to get them shoes! Oh yeah and what’s Mike doing? Smoking another big fat Stogie on his way to calling somebody else to get his money to the bank.

  5. Pollard

    …and many of those consumers are students who won’t stay up late and do homework, or get up early to be on time for school. Although there are undesired embarrassments in all groups in most countries, but ours is always showcased. It creates a negative stereotype that is so difficult to shake until it has become almost a trademark. Some of those buying the shoes will get hurt and maybe even killed. There needs to be a shift in the paradigm, a refinement of our values systems to be purged in a fire like fine gold. Consider this…three strikes law, can’t affect you if your value system doesn’t support it, that is to say if you’re not doing anything to get in that type of trouble then it does not affect you because you won’t even get one strike. You judge a tree by the fruit it bares.

  6. WizardG

    Don’t bother criticizing others. We are all insane!
    Try to understand that every human on this planet is insane to one degree or another! Everything that appears insane about one person in a certain instance or subject can also be found in each and every one of us in the same, or some other aspects or our lives. We live in an insane social structure that many of us are unable to comprehend as to how it has added to each of our already mixed up and confused consciousness and unconsciousness. In other words we are so messed up that we can’t tell how much we are, and the number of ways in which we are.

    What we can do however is see the faults in others and create blame for reasons we are completely unaware of or uneducated and religiously [infected] by. Many see the beliefs of others as crazy without truly scrutinizing their own and how they were indoctrinated to it.

    We live in complete denial of how corrupt and distorted our world of human life is and why. We tend to think more of ourselves than we do others and they think the same about us. And that, in and of itself, is a minute, generally undetectable sign of lunacy!
    It is very difficult for most people to accept their mental diseases. In denial they vehemently refuse to actually take note of the many ways each of them are just as insane as the next person. If you have an ounce of insight and are able to honestly take note of your defective mental habits and thoughts, then you will find that the psychotic overzealous activity over sports shoes is but a tiny example of lunacy. This example is, at the very least, mediocre compared to what each and every one of us is capable of doing and what many have said, done or thought to do, without ever realizing the lunacy of the process.

    Our parents were misguided insane people when they improperly raised us in this vile, corrupt, hateful, sick, murderous war mongering, society. A society that continues to inadequate teach poor examples of a proper living environment, and we are too insane to realize that we are passing all of those same traits down to each generation . It might then make sense to you to see that children are murdering each other in schools and neighborhoods, prison are being purposely overstocked and logic should give you the philosophical view that all of the bad traits we pass down to each generation is multiplied exponentially, and that things will only get worse!
    We will help things get worse because most of us cannot see true reality, will not listen to reason or logic, do not or cannot handle the truth, and believe that we have been living in a fairly just society. Most importantly, because of our insanity, people believe in things that should have long been left in the dark-ages of superstitions and make-believe!

    Exactly where do you think you are and exactly who do you think is controlling our lives? Your answer will more than likely be wrong and insane, because whether you realize it our not. We are all insane! You may not waste your money on overpriced sports shoes, but what will you waste your money on? Do you know that your money usually ends up in the hands of a group of elite who would just as well see you dead? Do you know how cheaply products are made, and what people suffer and die while producing your ‘expensive’ products? Why don’t you know how crazy you are?

  7. Sagarian

    Wizard G: Opinions vary. Change is inevitable. Progress is optional. Some Black people are ‘lost in the decadence of darkness’ that is true. We saw that from some who were involved with Katrina in New Orleans. Unless and until [we] see ourselves as a single, unified, solitary people we will be forever doomed to constant buffoonery and not be taken seriously by the power elite who run and control this sick, corporate media controlled society. Cultural insanity only afflicts those whose value system lacks identity, purpose and direction.

  8. Ernie

    This is so sad that I am just speechless; if we don’t begin to help our young all of us are going to be in real big trouble. It will be our fault because we allowed it to happen. We can start at home with you and yours that is where real change can happen because changing someone else is so very difficult if not impossible. Turn those TV’s and games off and get our children reading, writing and learning about who they are and what they are going to be. Notice I did not say what they can be, no, tell them and show them what they are going to be. No questions asked.

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