NFL Player Gives Entire Salary to Sends Kids to College

NFL Superstar Braylon Edwards wants kids to be educated.  He’s putting his money where his mouth is.


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3 responses to “NFL Player Gives Entire Salary to Sends Kids to College

  1. Renelda Moorehead

    COMMENDABLE, BRAYLON EDWARDS. But here again is an example of
    uncreative thinking which plagues the black population on each socio-economic level. Every black student is NOT COLLEGE BOUND, or wants to be. How about considering those who want to attend technical institutions.
    They are sorely in NEED OF SCHOLARSHIPS. It is backwards to think every child wants to be a white collar elitist. Some want to become blue
    collar elitists!!! But seriously, black philanthropists need to become all-inclusive when selecting to donate to schools for our young folks.
    Happy Chanukkah!!! Happy Kwanzaa!!! Merry Christmas/ Blessed New Year

  2. miss Edna

    Everybody has their on thoughts about the president Obama but when all of the previous president treated you like shit you smiled an said its ok but now we have our first black president you find all kinds of faits he is not god but we should give him another 4 years as we did the other presidents after all he got us health care when no one else did but all you see is somebody like Cain or Romenny that want to take every progress we have away from us but to you anybody but Obama but vote him out and you will be their maids again with no rights at all and saying yes mama and yes sir to the white people again I lived it and its not a good place to be .miss lee

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