Yvette Carnell: Why Eric Holder Shouldn’t Be Playing the Race Card

Yvette Carnell from Your Black World explains why Eric Holder shouldn’t be playing the race card.


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2 responses to “Yvette Carnell: Why Eric Holder Shouldn’t Be Playing the Race Card

  1. WizardG

    Many use terms like ‘race-card’ without thinking twice about where they originated or who created the terms. The same people who created the idea of “race” and propagated the ideal that humans are of different races, when science has shown over and over that we are all one race! So who created the term? Well, the same people who use it to rationalize their abuses of “black” people! The same people who have attacked us throughout history and the same people who live and thrive off causing our sufferings. We still serve these “white” people in every capacity they will allow us to, and they still abuse us. When we speak out about it they have their patented response using the “race-card”, and they also have help from some of us! We don’t have a race card! We don’t have any cards. Hell “whites” own the whole deck!

    Do you remember how they, (whites) created a deck of cards for attacking the leaders of Iraq? We helped them destroy that country and murder its people and it was their deck of “race cards” which were distributed to demonize and degrade those people. We are all insane, but some are much more insane than others! Race card indeed!

    As for Holden. He is supposed to be a very powerful representative of this white-supremacist, and very “racist” social structure. His chatter is merely a way to bring sympathy to Mr. Obama in lieu of the next vote! The ‘Anglo-elite’ in charge ply us with all sorts of trickery, schemes, and cons. It’s amazing that so many people are unable to see through this BS. What could possibly be numbing the minds of the populace? Could it be religion? Probably that, and a number of other serious psychological issues! Never mind puppets like Holden or Obama. Neither one of them are in a postition to do the ‘American’ public any good. They’re service is reserved for the 1 percent and semi-secret elite!

  2. Kim

    Any time they will not fight to look into how the EEOC is destroying so many of us that gives me all the more to not ever believe in them. (Neither of them). I will not ever vote until there is NO MORE EEOC across this nation. THey destroyed not only my life but many others well. Check out the stories on Smiley and West where many of us are having this network of communication continuously on thier website. And how our loved ones are mistreated being behind bars but yet how the federal and state correctional officers are entitled to full retirement and a job up until – they retire beinging in contraband. Its just not right! But innocent ppl as myself working hard to make a living forced to resign from long careers due to discrimination and nothing being ever done about it. I am tired of this sick sick cruel nation and the A-Holes who are in power to run it. Never again will they or anybody locally, state or nation wide get a vote from me. Jesus will return Pior to me giving a vote to place more clowns into office!

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