Eric Holder Says He and Obama Being African American Influences the Right Wing Attacks

Eric Holder says that Republicans have a race problem with he and President Obama. 

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5 responses to “Eric Holder Says He and Obama Being African American Influences the Right Wing Attacks

  1. Meschachcargil

    This nation has always had a problem with race. Never in our history has the Office of the President of the United States been treated with such “disrespect” and contempt. There is no other explanation other than the obvious! We need to accepted it for what it is and act accordingly.

  2. the problem I have with Holder has absolutely nothing to do with race. Primarily it’s about ‘Fast and Furious’ that notorious gun running scheme gone awry, that cost the life of at least one border patrolman as well as many others. Huge mistake under Holder’s Dept of Injustice. Let’s not forget the non-response to the Philly Black Panthers, armed and dangerous at polling places! How many think if the KKK pulled a similar prank, it would go untested? As for The President, I reckon a lot of you folks would hold his ‘whiteness’ against him, whereas my main problem is with his stand on the XL pipeline, a much needed structure that would bring tens of thousands of jobs as well as enhanced energy security for our country. But he did an excellent job in Iraq! And he got Bin-Laden. The man’s a hero, regardless of his being half white, raised by a white family etc. And he had the good sense to appoint as Ambassador to China a knowledgeable, intelligent man in Jon Huntsman. I don’t think his last Supreme appointment, Kagan, is qualified for the High Court and I worry that his next may be as well. These are the things reflective voters consider – not the relative melanin enhancement of the office seeker.

  3. Meschachcargil

    Very nicely put, but flowing with elegant BS! You hold Mr. Holder responsible for the death of a Border Patrol Agent, yet you hold blameless President Bush for the deaths of thousands of Iraqis and hundreds of Americans, not including the soldiers who were maimed and injured. You condemn President Obama for the alleged Pipeline situation, but you hold blameless the “do-nothing” congress that has fought him tooth and nail in everyway possible. So, away with your self-serving propaganda, this only serves to demonstrate your blatant hypocrisy.

  4. Where is it indicated I hold Bush/Cheney blameless?Where is it indicated I support or hold blameless the do-nothing congress? Of course the Republicans are trying to stonewall any inititive put forth in an effort to discredit The President, (a manurver I believe will backfire), but where is a budget proposol from the Democratic Senate? Rather, I think your diatribe only indicates your blatent ignorance. How is the pipeline situation “alleged”? After three years of study, He’s put it off til after elections. We need the jobs now. We need the energy now.

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