Question: Should Black Women Walk Away from “Think Like a Man” The Movie?

Black women, like writer Kirsten West-Savali, say that African Americans should walk away from the new Steve Harvey film, “Think Like a Man.”  What do you think?  

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3 responses to “Question: Should Black Women Walk Away from “Think Like a Man” The Movie?

  1. BlackBeauty

    I think some black folks need to stop hating on others simply because they do not like something/their work. These same fools do the same thing with Tyler Perry films!

    You don’t like something, move on! Why try to pass your foolishness along to others?

    If human beings (not just black women) want to see this film (plenty of them read the book), then allow them to do so.

    Take care of your own self, your own films. It is all entertainment anyway, so stop with this silly commentary!

  2. Phyllis Reid

    My sentiments exactly!!
    I hope readers will take heed to what you have so eloquently stated..

  3. I totally agree.When you close your mind to thoughts of other people thats foolish.If you are smart you read,listen and learn.Then agree or disagree.Listen or do not listen but do not forbid or advise someone not to read,see or buy.State your opinion and let the person make and informed opinion.That is “FREEDOM”..I have not read the book but watched Steve on talk shows speaking about the book and I am sure women would learn a lot from that book.,and apply it according to their situation.

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