Sara Bartman: The Original Video Vixen – How We Learned to Objectify Black Women

sara bartman is the original video vixen

You ever wonder where the concept of the video vixen comes from?  This video about Sara Bartman, the original video vixen, reminds us of the tradition of objectifying black women and their bodies.

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One response to “Sara Bartman: The Original Video Vixen – How We Learned to Objectify Black Women

  1. WizardG

    “Black” People hate to hold the past ‘slavery’ era and the society which allowed and urged the slave trade accountable. The say forget the past and live for the present and future. Yet they worship ancient beliefs of past dark-age superstitions. They convinced themselves it came from Africa, and they try to study and assimilate perfectly into a “racist” society that literally hates them!
    With all of the insanity that has befallen the African-American, it’s no wonder that the majority of our people are falling down in every facet and phase of psychosocial activity of this mad-hatter nation of lunatics! There are only a few of us who live near perfect lives. The multitudes have problems they deny or cannot understand. Most of us are in dire straits and haven’t got a clue as to just how bad things really are. Think about the things African women have been going through since our ancestors got here, and then take a quick peak at what is happening across the African diaspora! The whole nation is filled with confused, misguided, poorly educated race-ignorant bible believing lunatics. There’s nothing good to come of this country and our people were screwed from the moment the whites discovered us!

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