Amazing: 2-Year Old Boy Raps With His Daddy


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3 responses to “Amazing: 2-Year Old Boy Raps With His Daddy

  1. fred sims

    Id much more impressed if the child was reading or doing his times tables.Why must we always be the fools ,the entertainers? Why must we train our kids that to rap, sing or dance is all we as a people are capable of?No wonder we are disresepcted.

  2. Ron Patterson

    My brother, do not jump to conclusions. While I understand your concern, it should not be assumed that this little brother’s dad is not interested in his academic pursuits. I understand that more of our young people should be taught that we as Black people can excel in the sciences, mathematics, etc., and that we do not have to be relegated to only being entertainers or athletes. But to get us there, we do not need to disparage those of us with God given, positive talents

  3. Ty

    Amazing. Our children are soooo talented and beyond anything that this world has ever seen. He killed it!

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