Donald Trump Says that Black People Have No Role Models

Your Black News: Sharpton Invites The Donald To The Hood To Prove Poor People Have Role Models

Donald Trump seems to believe that black people have no role models.  Just a reminder of how intelligent he is. 

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29 responses to “Donald Trump Says that Black People Have No Role Models

  1. WizardG

    Donald Trump is a Joke! We have role models but they can’t reach out far enough, and as I’ve said in the past. “The Anglo-Elite and Elite-Jewish community work in tandem to keep us from having great leadership and economic power”. They work feverishly to keep us depressed, unemployed, impoverished, imprisoned, and out of the hearts and minds of ‘common US citizens’ including ourselves! They murder our leaders if those leaders are influential enough to affect us all, and are saying things that powerful and ignorant “whites” do not want us to hear or know! Many of us preach stepping up and being accountable, but have no idea that we are being attacked stealthily and openly on a continuous bases! If You don’t believe me. Try to get someone like Rev. Jackson, or any of the famous “black” leaders to speak out against these wars on a daily basis, and have them tell black youth to refrain from joining any military service, then see how long it takes to for them to fall!

  2. SouthernBelleTN

    I have plenty of Role Models and they are far beyond the likes of a Donald Trump.
    Newt Gringrich said something similar, last week. They are just clueless about our community and people. Who should we look up to? Trump and Gringrich? An Attention Whore and and Adulterous Opportunist? Spare me.

  3. Ken Rasheed

    You all are doing exactly what Trump wants you to do and that is comment on and give publicity to what he says. Stop publishing his idiotic comments. Who giives a Damn about what he says?

  4. Trump is a MORON! If you don’t like name calling, then so be it. I will not waste precious words on describing an egotistical, maniacal and abusive person such as he. He has screwed so many hard working people over the course of his ‘career’ that he will pay dearly for all of that someday. What you put out, Donald, you will get back…doubled!

  5. BlackBeauty

    Please tell us why you waste space/commentary on what Donald Trump says about black people???

    Please give productive information, and stop with the “baiting” crap!

  6. Patsy

    For quite a while, I didn’t understand why our people decided to continue to be part of his show. Even African-American celebrities did it!!! For the last season, there were no visible minorities on his show except our people. The others understood the message and they create businesses with people from their communities. Some African-Americans in the Apprentice even helped the Whities to win after being fired. I could not stand to see that they were willing to be used just for a few minutes of so-called fame!!! I am sick and tired to see how our people are willing to do everything to be part of the mainstream when they always disrespected us and probably always will. I hope that I won’t see in the future other African-Americans in his show because it sends a wrong message. There is no price for respect and dignity!

  7. Charli jones

    Trump gets way too much stage time as he tantrums rants as a kid who lost a toy. Grow old gracefully Trump . SMH Do we really care what he thinks ?

  8. Patsy

    I wanted to add that we have to stop to be selfish. We never send to each other (through e-mails…) job offers. Very few Black websites have a job section. We hold information to ourselves and after we cry, complain and beg to the mainstream to give us jobs. So again, we have to stop to be selfish. In addition, we need to become more independent and self-sufficient as a community!!! We don’t need other people, we have our own resources and geniuses:

  9. I guess he wants us to hate white people, by doing which will not benefit anyone. It’s just Donald Trumpet blowing himself. As Ken Rasheed said, making an excess fuss out of this means blowing him. The angrier we get, the louder the ill-voiced trumpet resounds.

  10. I believe I posted this here: “Trump’s role model concept is false and therefore stupid. Trump should know from now on my role models were 1st my father and mother; and then older relatives who were around me. I did not have to look at anybody else as role model. And indeed these people were proud and encouraged me to succeed. And indeed I have told my children the same. I am their role model. Of course I encourage them to pursue whatever they want to be. However, they have to look at me as basic role model. I had experience with people – come to my house and ask if I would allow my kids accompany them and look at them at role models. These have included athletes and affirmative action officers etc. I would not allow such nonsense. I am my kids’ role model – period. And in fact they are successful. One is telling me he thinks he will eventually be a millionaire. So I am telling Trump, his concept of role model is misplaced, false and dumb. Role models should be parents and close adult relatives. “

  11. seriously, Trump only needs to look at the most popular member of the republican party, Colin Powell (who should be put on trial for his part in GWB’s war crimes)…. Oh and the President…

  12. Anthony

    Donald Trump = Donald Chump

  13. Debbie

    I am going to put this one out here….Who are our role models???The last person I remember standing up for us and trying to make things happen for us was Martin Luther King, Jr…We have not had a spokes person for black people since him…Jesse Jackson tried something in the 1980, and Al Sharpton had just come along but again for the most part, who are our role models???We had no one thru out the 1970″s, 1980’s, 1990’s, or the 2000’s until Barack Obama came along…We had rappers in the 1980’s for the new culture that we live, we had Michael Jordan, Jay Z, Sean John, and Tupac for the 1990’s…Some of us had T.D. Jakes, Bishop Eddie Long, Cleflo Dollar…Donald Trump is some what correct, we do not have any strong black role models/leaders out there….

  14. I am a 60 year old black woman who learned that a “role model” is someone you desire to be like. Your reasons are “personal”. Donald Trump has lived a “lie” his entire life. He is an egotistical fool. He has had two outstanding “black men” on his own realiry show who were outstanding. One won. How dare him think his stupid comments are important. Who does he define. He has not been able to define himself or his “walk” in life and what he has accomplished that his family is proud of “him” for. Please note: “that when Newt debates before him “his eyes will surely be opened and he will be like God”.

  15. Imani

    When in God’s name are we as people of African descent going to stop trying to prove ourselves worthy to white people ? If Al Sharpton or anyone else takes Donald Trump to Harlem to prove people of African Descent work hard, they will be commiting a crime against the Black community. We greatly appreciate the comments from Black Beauty and Ken Rasheed.

  16. Kevin

    My mother and father.

  17. Ras

    It’s a foolish thing for him to say. Individual black people decide who they relate to as role models.

    However, he can say and may well mean, that there are no black people he sees as role models.

  18. 12/8/11, So what is the ‘slim shady’ Sharpton doing w/Trump anyhow?

  19. Dave Young

    Donald Trump and Al Sharpton both play their roles perpetuating conflict and distraction. I don’t need a white person’s interpretation of who a role model is nor do I need Sharpton saying he’ll form a protest against Trump.
    Both men are irrelevant.

  20. Superfly4-19

    FUCK Donald Trump. He got up stage by our President, while accusing & attacking Pres. Obama’s birthright. This was around the same time the President captured & killed Ben-laden. Donald Trump had to eat cold black crow. Black people need not to support Donald Trump enterprise. His casinos are losers; and his hotel is an overprice dump (800.00 per night) in need of a serious upgrade. He has his father to thank for his start.

  21. BriChan

    The only role models that our children should be looking up to are their parents. Donald Trump is a man with nothing better to do than spout negativity and idiotic comments and think that people sit on the edge of their seats waiting for him to make another “important” comment, when in reality he is a joke who parrots what others say and can’t think for himself or produce solutions to any issues he’s had with President Obama. I don’t need him to try and figure out wheter there are enough role models, i just need for him and his hair to go and sit down somewhere and shut up!

  22. Hi, My view is to pool your resources with like minded people and circulate that dollar among your families so that the young can get a jump start to life. “You got to be hungry” This is a good time to put your money together and purchase property. Ideas flow easily when we are thinking positive and aggressively toward building the community with good conduct and creating ideas that will benefit all whom it affects. Let us see how many of you can add to this conversation toward progressive research and community development. I know we can can. Peace

  23. Renee

    Lets get one think straight. This is the media and these two jokers are playing a role. I wouldn’t be surprise if behind close doors they plan on having conflict with each other for the sake of public entertainment. I respect Al Sharpton and most of his opinions, but I take this comment as a damn joke. Nothing more. As for Donald Trump, I truly believe he can’t control his racist beliefs. He is being used as a pawn in the conservative game and don’t mind it at all. Trump is exhibiting the same type of paranoia, stupidity, and natural hate whites have for blacks. It’s a fear of watching people you always perceive to be beneath you suddenly rising to power. Blacks are okay as long as we “stay in our place.” Whites always had upper hand of white privilege in this country – meaning getting shit for simply being white and not having to deal with racism from the dominant white power structure. Notice how white conservatives are talking about blacks every single day and it’s always pertaining to our “lifestyles.” I didn’t realize nearly 40 million blacks live, think, and act one way. LOL. They can’t stop dissecting us! As for the poor people references and lack of role models, that’s 100% bullshit. Poor people are the hardest working individuals trying to seek a better life away from their surroundings and as for role models, I won’t even dignify that stupidity with a response. Like I said blacks are the focal point of their existence everyday and they have to work like hell to ensure their false sense of white supremacy stay in place.

  24. R. Dixon

    As hard and sad as it is he is right we do not have any role model in the black community. Drug dealers and gang banger’s have taken over and they are poisoning our community. If you ask me these types of black people are the ones who hold us back with there non-sense and lack of care for there own kind. Then the lack of black fathers in the homes to help guide the young man. If the black community doesn’t make some changes soon we will wipe ourselves out the United States.

  25. MS. E


  26. mjizak

    Sadly we look to humans as our role models anyway! What make a “role model” money? Power? Philanthropy? Speaking? Singing/Rapping ability? Bball skills, ect. All of this superficial, shallow crap people look @ for “leadership” is garbage, white folks don’t have any role models either & we know that so why sweet it! There are plenty of role models in Gods letter to us humans men & women of faith & their color or ethnticity shouldn’t matter, men & women of faith who by works showed their strength & stood up for Gods sovereignty not human foolishness, courageous men & women who with Gods backing effaced nations, men & women who acted not just talked a good game for the cameras on subjects they pick & choose, men & women who gave & took nothing, then we have the ultimate role model the very son of God, the greatest man who
    ever lived! Imperfect humans can kick bricks with flip flops on, ill stick to the
    real role models whose examples help me to please Gods, help my fellow man, teach ME to lead & prepares me for the momentous changes that are about to take place, Dan2:44, Heb11:1-12:3 shows the true role models please check it out. teachteach ME to lead &

  27. Thank you, Iceman0274, for stating the facts so clearly. Do our communities need “more” role models? Yes. But there are dedicated people giving freely of themselves every single day to uplift the lives of the young and old. To say there are “no” role models is the same as saying that those who are pouring their hearts, souls, and hard-earned money into their communities are as invisible as those Americans of African descent are in the textbooks used to teach our children American History. Now that’s where Donald Trump should shine a spotlight…the American History that focuses on the magnificence of one ethnic group…those, like him, who look white. (President Obama’s skin is bit too brown.) If this country had followed the lead of Dr. Carter G. Woodson and taught the “whole truth” of American History that included the brilliant contributions of all ethnic groups, then Donald Trump would have “possibly” gained enough knowledge that would have prevented him from making such an unintelligent and uninformed statement of which he obviously knows little to no – thing. Black history is American History. I wonder what Donald Trump would say in response to that?

  28. Ronald B. Saunders

    Donald Trump is a joke and nothing more or less. Every Black woman that puts food on the table and works three jobs to sustain her family is a bona-fide role model.
    Trump thinks he can say and do damn near anything to Black people because he has little bit of chump change in his pocket.
    Al Sharpton is doing nothing but pandering to Trump for a dry bone from the master’s table and the honor of currying favor with whites in power.

    Black people don’t need ne’er’-do-wells like Trump and cohorts to tell who our role models should be or shouldn’t be.
    This is a very empty subject that needs no further comment.

  29. MS. E


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