If a Woman Has the Right to Choose to Have a Child, Can the Man Choose Not to Pay?

If a Woman Can Choose to Abort a Child, Can a Man Choose Not to Pay?   cost of raising children picture

Dr. Boyce Watkins and relationship therapist George James discuss the concept of the “Financial abortion.” 

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8 responses to “If a Woman Has the Right to Choose to Have a Child, Can the Man Choose Not to Pay?

  1. Eileena

    A man should choose to protect himself by wearing protection. If you don’t, then you open yourself up to possibly being a parent. Trust no one to your financial future. A woman could pregnant by accident or intentionally, how would you know? If she loves you and does not believe in abortion, then what?If the sex was consensual, the child is yours and you have to pay. You both are financially responsible for the child created by consensual sex. Protect yourself and take responsibility for your actions.

  2. Kikaka

    Of course a man can choose not to pay. A man has three choices, (1) wear a condom (2) not sleep with the woman (3) pay up (4) not pay up. Only one of those choices will give the woman the choice to bring him to court every chance she gets.

  3. Kika

    oops, that would be 4 choices! 🙂

  4. Eileena

    I know of a young man who had a child by a woman ( she had 3 other children by 3 different men) and found out that she was on crack. To save his child from the nightmare he was living, the young man ended up taking all 4 children from her through the courts. I know of another man that had causal sex with a woman who had his child, when he missed a few payments, the IRS took 90% of his paycheck and left him with $36.00 to pay his bills. The state is tired of footing the bill for irresponsibility, so protect yourself. Some say the condom doesn’t feel right, your pocket won’t feel right if the IRS starts to take your wages. Take responsibility and protect yourself.

  5. WizardG

    This country’s whole structure and the mentality of it’s people are a joke! While the criminal officials take our social wealth and give it to the elite and use it to kill and pillage other nations to steal their wealth I find some people quibbling over the crumbs the poor and depressed underclass of whites, blacks, browns, and others manage to eek out of such a lopsided structure. The elite rich are stealing from, and killing us and we attack each other! This is but one of many signs that point to just how insane humans are!

  6. WizardG

    African Americans “blacks”, are negatively impacted by this society in ways most can’t even imagine. The elite have continuously counted on human nature to attack us. They know how difficult it is for a person to control sexual drives, and they knew it when they got their scientists to build biological warfare HIV/AIDS. They knew that it would curb the free sex drive of that period (the sixties). Those religious zealots with unlimited power could not stand seeing people having free sex, homosexually or otherwise, so they tried to shut it down! Today we see that even with the threat of AIDS in their face people still cannot control themselves and maintain healthy sexual practices. The elite know this and they are profiting off this too! Humans are going to do what they do because their sex drives are animalistic and no amount of civil or religious brainwashing is going to trump these built in sexual drives. Talk all you want about control,and choices, and etc., but stop, look and listen and you’ll find that even those who are considered the most cautious, competent, and wise are still animals and are still found to be making the same mistakes as those who have little education, are depressed, misguided, disillusioned, and so on. If a person like Jesse Jackson or a so-called genius like Bill Clinton can be caught screwing up imagine how difficult it is for the common citizen without a solid family foundation, unity of community or economic safety to maintain themselves in this confused society of lunatics and greed driven maniacs? Come on people come back to reality and quit living in fantasy land! While we argue and quibble over the mundane our whole socioeconomic infrastructure is being stripped by the elite! Most of all understand that the whole of the “black” community is scattered, scatterbrained, and we are a lost people in another man’s conquered lands. You have only to look to Africa to see what we are facing here!

  7. Eileena

    Cause and Effect. For every action there is a reaction. Learning how to control ourselves is very beneficial. I don’t believe that we cannot control ourselves. If we don’t, we have to deal with the consequences. What happened to responsibly? We are all doomed if we feel that we are uncontrollable animals. Racist have said that about us all along. We need to learn how to take control of our lives, community and our children or we are all doomed.

  8. Eileena

    I believe love making is a beautiful thing, but I don’t believe anyone has died because of not engaging in it.

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