Dr. Julianne Malveaux Speaks on the Consequences of Bullying Among Our Children

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One response to “Dr. Julianne Malveaux Speaks on the Consequences of Bullying Among Our Children

  1. Gay people kill them selves because Christians tell them that God hates gay people. Or God hates gay acts. They tell gay people that they are destined to hell. Therefore, the gay children, thinks that their God, does not love them, and decides to go to God and start their punishment, or die and see if there is a God at all. Our religions are killing these children. Because, if God hates Gay people, or gay acts, people feel entitled to spread their self righteous hatred towards children, who may even believe they are not worthy of life, coming from their own parents and family. People need to be taught in church , that you can be gay and Christian at the same time. If you are gay, and have an attraction for the same sex, it is not a sin to act on your feelings. If you are bisexual, and you have a choice, then to avoid hazing, and the possiblity of sinning, you should choose to be straight. If you are straight, and you have sex with the same sex, than you are sinning, because you are going against what your natural feelings are. Even if you look at what Good proclaiimed while talking to Moses, he did not say all sexual relations with man to mankind are prohibited. Did not say the person was going to hell. God only said a mankind should not lie with mankind as with woman kind. Which means, there is no prohibition to lesbian acts. Also, you will notice that God prohibited all sexual relations on other verses, but for man to man situations. God told man not lie down with manking, like womankind. Thus, since the sexual relations is general and broad, that means something different than lie down with. I think that lie down with means genital to anal copulation. If you take in consideration that physically speaking 1% of all children born in America are born having both female and male organs, hermaphrodites, intersexed, or androgynous. Which means that over 3 million children are physically, if not metally, both sexes, and doctors or parents choose which gender the child will be. These children are both male and female, but are neither completely male or female. Thus, these children would not be the audience God prohibited. Then the next question is if mentally a person feels like he is a female stuck in a man’s body. The body is the temple, but the mind and will of a person is his soul. So if that person gets a sex change, does that physically born male become a woman? Or if the soul is the mind and the will of the person, and if that person thinks he is a woman, is that man a person that God was prohibiting? I say this all to say that God is the only one who can judge these people, who are the exceptions to what way the majority of people are.

    As a Chistian, I believe that if you are born hetrosexual, and you know you are a man, then it would not be right for you to lie with a man as you would a woman. But no one knows a person’s soul but God. Therefore, we have to teach people to be more tolerant, less judgmental, and give an argument to the gay children, that they are the beloved children of God, and they will not suffer an everlasting hell in a lake of fire. If more religions would take my view, less children would kill themselves.

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