Dr. Boyce: Should Vanessa Long Be Standing By Her Man or Should She Have Continued with the Divorce?

does it make sense for Vanessa Long to stay married to Bishop Eddie Long?

Does her decision to stand by her man make Vanessa Long a hero, a victim or both? 

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9 responses to “Dr. Boyce: Should Vanessa Long Be Standing By Her Man or Should She Have Continued with the Divorce?

  1. Nkems

    A little late…she changed her mind AGAIN. Actually, the “church” issued the recant….not V.Long or her attorney. A little messiness going on…



  3. Eileena

    I wonder if he would have stood by her if the shoe was on the other foot?

  4. Women go through an upheaval of tumultuous emotions during divorce, so it really is not unusual to vascilate like this back and forth. However, if it continues back and forth for months on end, then some form of therapy is warranted in order for her to move on.

  5. She should only stand by him if she still loves him, and if he admits to her that he is bisexual, and that he will honor his oath to God, and his vows to her. If he admits he is gay, then she should leave him. She can never be what she wants. If he says he is straight, she has to leave him. He is a predator. He has control and domination issues. He has went against the will of God, his oath, his vows to his wife, and he is not even attracted to boys, he just like controlling them. That is sick. That is sinful. That is tragic.

  6. The bible says a man should not lie with a man like he would a woman. If the bishop is gay. She has to leave. If the bishop is bisexual, she should only stay if she still loves him, and if she believes he will honor his oath to God, his vows to her, and his responsibility to the church. If he is straight. He is a monster, because he did those things to those boys because of control issues.

  7. devonte

    well u know i beleive that no matter what his wife should always stay with im bc when they got married they said to have and to hold and through thick and thin. The only way i see her not standing by him is if God say so. No man should take away what God has put together.
    bishop Long God bless u and i hope all goes well with this situation. no need to worry bc long as u got king jesus u don’t need nobody else.

  8. True Devonte. No man should destroy, what God has put together. But, God gave instructions specifically about divorce, and sexual immorality is one of the grounds for divorce, God specifially mentioned. When interperting laws, the specific has more authority than the general. If she leaves him, she is on solid moral grounds, but if she stays with him, she would be the most gracious and forgiving woman, that I know of. Tragic. We wonder why over 50% of marriages end in divorce.

  9. Clara Fitzpatrick

    Of course! After all this time and I am sure knowledge or suspicion of Bishop Long’s bisexuality, staying married is both a financial and a public relation decision. She can help the Bishop by staying married and declaring sometime in the future that he has repented and she can keep Bishop away from thugs and tell him to find males who would love to have him as a sexual partner. Or Bishop is sick and needs help to overcome his Freudian repression and projections.

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