Yvette Carnell: Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse” Scrapes the Bottom of the Barrel

yvette carnell reviews "For Better or Worse," by Tyler Perry

YBW columnist and Tyler Perry supporter Yvette Carnell doesn’t have many good things to say about Perry’s new joint. 

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3 responses to “Yvette Carnell: Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse” Scrapes the Bottom of the Barrel

  1. BlackBeauty

    So what?
    This is one persons opinion!

    Can you all leave Tyler Perry alone?

    If you do not like him or his films, just don’t go to see them!!

    Why is that so hard??

    Leave the man alone and continue doing your own thing to become successful!

    Now, is there anything else that could have been up for serious discussion besides putting down Tyler Perry???

  2. vcalibur

    It is far better for a Black man to write and project our image or likeness than another culture to write out us. Think about the way our race was chracterized in the last century.

  3. Gloria Benson

    I have to agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Carnell. I was all ready to enjoy Mr. Perry’s latest TV venture, especially with Ms. Tasha Smith ( I’ve enjoed all of her performances). After viewing the 2 episodes, I was sadly disappointed. I’m okay with the luxury of it all but the fighting and disrespect shown was just another form of “Housewives, and B-Ball Wives” for the world to view us in. I don’t know anymore, I feel its a sad state of mind when WE as Black people are okay with seeing ourselves and having the world seeing us in such a negative view.

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