Woman Writes An Open Letter of Apology to the Black Man

Nojma Muhammad: An Open Letter of Apology To Black Men In Hopes of Reconciliation

A black woman writes a letter of apology to black men. 

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2 responses to “Woman Writes An Open Letter of Apology to the Black Man

  1. i was married to that type of person for 10 years, and finally escaped bringing my kids as well. everything that woman was apologizing for happened to me at the hands and mouth of my ex spouse. and that with all of the insecurities of so many black men that leads to so many quarrels and fights, i have permanently cut all black men from my life. i only date men of other races; the relationships are now more relaxing and fun. it’s a give and take, there are no morecontrol issues and playing silly games. my kids are happy because mom is happy.

  2. claudia

    I think this letter of apology is BULLCRAP! If anything the majority of black men should be apologizing to the black women for not being a man to take on their own responsibilities and apologize for blaming their black women for years for their own irrisponsibilites and for not up and staying strong like the head of the household should in keeping their home together and making sure their children is with both parents being brought up correctly. I feel that they need to apologize to us for making us that everything was always our fault and finding soo much fault in their black queens. I will not apologize to black men because they have definetely been destructive to me in my life. If they feel that all the white women are better women for them then more power to them. Goodbye and Good riddens.

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