Wife of Syracuse Coach Admits That She Believed He Was Touching Young Boys

bernie fine's wife had concerns about abuse

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2 responses to “Wife of Syracuse Coach Admits That She Believed He Was Touching Young Boys

  1. Renelda Moorehead

    Too little too late might be the title of this scenario. What a sin and a shame.
    The wife shares the husband’s guilt. Some women are ashamed to admit they made a bad choice in a mate and married a freak. They are concerned
    more about loss of status in the community, and especially if their husband
    holds a prestigious position, or they do. Some wives might be concerned
    about losing a meal ticket. So they do nothing. Whatev er the reasons for
    not trying to help their husbands, it boils down to a victim and a tragedy.
    There can be healing, but there will always be scar tissue as a reminder.
    If the husband-freak won’t gethelp, DIVORCE IS ALWAYS AN OPTION.

  2. WizardG

    These types of hidden and “unmentionable” secrets are products of our psychosocially corruptible-corrupted foundation. We don’t want to admit it and most are either in denial, or are in complete and utter ignorance, but there it is! These and many other hideous human occurrences are bound to happen and much has, and will be hidden, and because of this, many people will unknowingly carry physical and psychological scars that they will be unable to deal with properly. I have found that some people are actually pretty adept at leaving the past behind and burying the memories and psychological scars deeply into their psyche, but alas, we are not all the same, and many are incapable and unable to bury their past history, aches and pains securely enough to carry on some semblance of lifelong happiness. Many are so unfamiliar with psychology and the negative affects past damages can cause them, that they find themselves drinking, drugging, overeating, smoking, and hurting themselves and loved-ones in psychological ways, without ever figuring out that the underlying reasons are connected to the psychological damage of their childhood and the ever-occurring damage that continues because of it.

    The problem of hiding secrets from each other is so pervasive that it corrupts every segment of our social structure. Imagine how many men are working around children because they are attracted to them? This occurs in every segment of our [this] “American” culture and through the originators of this culture and its fantasy/fanatical belief systems the problems spread across the globe! These factors of secreted devious human problems run rampant in this society!

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