Survey: Half of All Black Women Unhappy with Tyler Perry’s Choice of Kim Kardashian

survey says that half of all black women are not happy that tyler perry chose Kim Kardashian for his next film

It appears that Tyler Perry has some explaining to do in his decision to put Kim Kardashian in his next movie. 

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2 responses to “Survey: Half of All Black Women Unhappy with Tyler Perry’s Choice of Kim Kardashian

  1. BlackBeauty

    Here we go again with some foolishness!

    Please tell us how anyone can make a statement that half of black women unhappy with Tyler Perry’s choice to put Kim in his movies???
    Did you ask HALF of the black women on this planet?
    Please leave this man alone and try to get out here and make your way just as he did. He has a right to cast anyone he wants in any film he makes.
    Why should anyone have a problem with it?
    This is not important!

  2. Sam Knight

    I agree that Mr. Perry has the right to cast anyone he wants and wish it weren’t a sore point that he chose Kim K. but this is also an emotional response from Black women (and perhaps some Black men) – a response that is Real. I know Mr. Perry has given jobs to Black actors and actresses and good for him. But Kim K? Just because she’s popular? This is obviously a decision based on business and I can’t discount that but it seems to me that having amassed a wealthy income of over $130 million (give or take) without compromising should have shown Mr. Perry he doesn’t need to rely on limited (if any) talent when it isn’t necessary. It’s too tough out there for minority actors/actresses and to be overlooked by the likes of Kim K. is slap in the face – again. But may I also say this? It’s not just that this woman doesn’t seem to deserve the role. It’s my opinion that people have just plain gotten sick and tired of the Kardashians, period. Maybe this ‘controversy’ is being played out for the financial potential – but what if Black women avoid the film? What then? How do you recoup those losses? I don’t think I’m intellectually-challenged or a bigot, but guess what? I would not go see this movie with this particular casting decision.

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