Dr. Wilmer Leon: Herman Cain Has a Serious Problem

wilmer leon says that herman cain has a problem

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One response to “Dr. Wilmer Leon: Herman Cain Has a Serious Problem

  1. If Cain was truley qualified to be a president of U.S. , he wouldn’t ever have had republican support. I’m sure it’s just been one big inside joke for the republican elites. I think I’m just starting to feel bad for the man by this point. He was ill-prepped the entire time. Set up to fail and look like a joke. I have seen elites do this to minorities on so many different levels even down to being a manager at a store. Especially when affirmative action was set in place. Powers would place an obviously incompentant person who happens to be a minority in charge and when they fail, they get to say “see, this is what happens”. Just as Obama is very competent, they have done everything they can to keep D.C. at a stand still to avoid Obama being credited for any large accomplishment. So they can say the same thing. Too bad for the elites people are rallying the streets much like they have before to demand further equality. The masses are starting to join in on the revolution that our leaders have set in motion since the beginning of colonialism. If LBJ who was VERY racist could be forced to sign the Civil Rights Act, I can only imagine what Obama can do once he realises the Hope his campaign was ran off of is the same Ideals that finally reached the minds of the masses.

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