Cornel West Ditches Princeton University to Return to His Roots

Noted black scholar Cornel West has suddenly decided to leave Princeton for New York City. 

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4 responses to “Cornel West Ditches Princeton University to Return to His Roots

  1. Renelda Moorehead

    I was wondering when this was going to happen. Cornel West’s exploits were not the image of a proper Princeton professor. So, in academiaspeak,
    Cornel West was actually fired by Princeton? Or do I misread?

  2. Shirlene Pryor

    In my opinion, Cornell West has earned the right to return to his roots. Princeton knew what he was when they hired him. He proved his worth to them. The departure was most likely the results of a mutual aggreement. I like to think that Professor West is pleased. NOW, If Cornell can find a way to depart from Tavis Smiley. I WOULD BE PLEASED. But alas, it is not all about me :<( However, I do matter as part of the whole.

  3. Allah knows best.I hope Bro West did in fact leave Princeton be cause he wanted a change,not that Princeton wanted the change.

  4. WizardG

    Prof. Cornel West is a good man and he cares about the plight of African Americans- “blacks”, just as he does all mankind. He is not a selfish greedy ignorant man. He is a good man. He has done more human good in one of his years than most will do in a lifetime! There are many men (Obama) who could have been ‘good’ men, but are not by any stretch of the word. Good men are rarely able to function as politicians and politicians are rarely able to remain good!
    Professor Cornel West is a good man and he is able to live his life of good-will wherever he chooses.

    Colleges such as Princeton are Anglo-elite institutions and are rarely good-balanced organizations in which the good can study. These kind of so-called “educational institutions”, have a sordid history of Anglo-dominant racism and exploitation across the African diaspora. It is a shame that many blacks have improper direction and such short memories, or any historic memory at all to speak of. I commend Dr. West and I wish him a long healthy life filled with continued enlightenment and joy. if indeed those two traits can actually coexist!

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