Dr. Boyce Video: Why Jesse and Al Should NOT Defend Herman Cain

Why Jesse and Al Should Never Defend Herman Cain - Your Black World TV on blip.tv

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3 responses to “Dr. Boyce Video: Why Jesse and Al Should NOT Defend Herman Cain

  1. Good- they did not defend Cain. Cain called us Blacks as not smart. Cain thinks is the only smart Black. How about his wife of 36 years – not smart! Such self delusion is dangerous to Cain and Black kids. Now TEA Party and GOP are dumping him. I am asking Gloria to dump him. We have quite a fews Cains here in Madison. They too will eventually learn the hard way – Cain way.

  2. Cheryl

    I am not sure about Jackson, but I watch Rev. Al and there is no way he would support Cain. As far as O Reilly…he and others still believe that the President was elected JUST because he is black by blacks. Which may be true in most cases but even for some black conservatives…voting for the
    McCain/Palin ticket was not an option…considering the age of McCain and the fact the his running mate was not very bright intellectually…as a matter of fact Cain reminds me of her. He may have been great in the pizza business but terrible in the people business. He only cares about himself and “his brothers from another mother .” I too believe that he harassed those women and has a disrespect for powerful women…he is just what white folks want…a negro that dance a jig, scratches his head and keep them laughing. If he was anything like President Obama…they would be hating on him too. The republicans…ALL of them are jokes and are an embarrassment to America around the world. Cain and his Becki-Becki stan-stan statement was heard by world leaders when he said he would have people around him that would know the the names of the world leaders. He talks too much and his is too ghetto. He is loud and obnoxious and his only mission order by the Koch Brothers is to take some of the black votes. They are pulling out all of the stops to defeat President Obama in 2012. THEY are holding America hostage with jobs all while they are providing buses for blacks to go around and tell uneducated blacks that the jobs crisis in the President’s fault. And some are believing them. With all of the GOP candidates (whoever wins the primary)…I pray that for every black that vote for them…we will get two or more whites to vote for the Democrats…who is about the working-class/poor.

  3. I totally agree with Dr.Boyce,s tape concering Mr.Cain.I most be getting soft,but I feel soory for Cain since he has become the laughing stock of the public.Lord make me strong,and keep me focused.

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