Black Scholars Disappointed with Black in America 4

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6 responses to “Black Scholars Disappointed with Black in America 4

  1. Renelda Moorehead

    Oh Great! Black scholars are just getting disappointed in corporate
    media foisting a non-black woman on the public as an authority on black
    culture? Are you that hungry to see something, anything about black
    folks on National Network TV, that you don’t question who is researching and
    bringing forth the info/message? Why didn’t you black scholars question
    why the network used Soledad O’Brien instead of a black woman/man?
    To paraphrase the great activist/performer/ex-pat Josephine Baker from the
    Lynne Whitfield SUPERB performance of the HBO MOVIE: “We wake up at different times. The IMPORTANT THING IS THAT WE DO WAKE UP.”

  2. Ms. Moorehead should be more informed

  3. Ms. Moorehead should be more informed before she posts her comments. Soledad O’Brian IS AFRICAN AMERICAN. This is just another example of criticism with merit. Obviously, an attempt to try to be a black intellectual.

    Renelda, please get a life!

  4. Renelda Moorehead

    Dr. Colman, Soledad O’Brien is as African American as Barack Obama.
    Her mother is Cuban, her father Irish Australian. That is NOT African
    American. FYI: I would never try to be what I am Not. AND, further, thank
    you for your ASTUTE OBSERVATION, “This just another example of
    criticism with merit.” I know you couldn’t possibly have made a scholarly
    typo, brotha. Mea culpa, mea culpa, for not writing” African American”
    instead of black . She is clearly uncomfortable with African Americans.
    No doubt, she was raised Cuban and Australian. And don’t be so anal,

  5. To the above responders,Soledad O;Brien has herself said she is for all purposcies a Black woman.Now,what was the subject?

  6. Ron Gordon

    Dear Ms. Moorehead: With all due respect, I am not too sure who died and appointed you “the all knowing arbiter” of ALL THINGS CONSIDERED RACIALLY BLACK? I know Ms. O’Brien, personally and professionally, she has always considered herself to be proudly and outwardly, an African American woman. Whether you like it or not.

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