Rick Perry Makes One of the Largest Screw Ups in the History of Public Debates



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One response to “Rick Perry Makes One of the Largest Screw Ups in the History of Public Debates

  1. WizardG

    Politicians are scandalous scurvy self-serving individuals. They enter into politics for status, power and prosperity. Very few actual humanitarians are recognized by the elite’s corrupt media-machine in their attempts to get into a position to actually serve the people! Those people whom are genuinely good and attempt to enter the political realm soon find out how cutthroat the pool of political rats can be.
    This particular scoundrel is a nincompoop who should not be elected to be a dog catcher, but it appears that his type are all we given to vote for, and instead of saying no we want a new batch we vote for them! When you have been given nothing to vote for you are left with nothing.

    Now listen to what these corrupt scoundrels are talking about. Demolishing. every government safety agency and every taxpayer built agency which was fought for and created to serve the populace. These criminals in suits want to tear down and destroy so that the elite can steal pillage and run more rampant with ‘our’ tax dollars. These criminals are sociopaths and are unpatriotic as they ply our minds with patriotic claptrap. They will sicken everyone and everything earthly with their vile unencumbered, unregulated machinations! They will accumulate all forms of wealth and steal away to their ‘safe place’ as the world around them suffers indescribable pains.

    Remember what I tell you! Not one person serving in today’s political spectrum is able to do the work of the people. They serve the ultra-wealthy supremely-powerful elite by default if not willingly!
    Vote for whomever you wish. The results will be the same!

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