Dr. Boyce: Why Black People Have Yet to be Free

What’s the difference between being free and being independent?  Dr. Boyce Watkins explains in this video.  Click here to watch

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYLd2R4C width=”550″ height=”480″]



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7 responses to “Dr. Boyce: Why Black People Have Yet to be Free

  1. Dr Brandon Gamble

    Excellent reminder Dr Watkins

  2. Axiomatic

    it is a frightening when one examines the lost in real ‘freedom’, lives, and true liberty for America’s ex slave population. To have every aspect of their existence be dependent on the ‘good graces’ of former (estranged owners) slave drivers, is only the tip of the iceberg.
    Under complete domination and influence, how can ‘Negro’ (stolen and enslaved people from Africa) survive the threat of America’s capitalist system coming to an abrupt halt?
    Every other ‘ethnic’ group who come to American shores seeking freedom at lease have ‘land of their own’ in case their expedition in America flat lines.
    Black Americans are probably the only people (outside of indigenous groups native to this land) with no exit plan for a future. Sorry doc. I haven’t seen your video (no desk top), but I’m sure your break down on the subject would reflect the truth.
    I really enjoy your work.

  3. BlackBeauty

    Oh boy!

    You were doing better with your commentaries, however here is another “let’s make sure we know black folk are second class” articles.

    Black people ARE free!

    Our ancestors suffered greatly so WE can be free!

    It is us who keep us enslaved in our minds, unfortunately, the bottom line is that we need to be doing what we need to do (as a whole), and stop making excuses as to why we are not where we should be and or placing blame on others!

    The Hispanic and others are doing it right! They have learned exactly what they need to do to progress as a people. They understand that education is the key! They build together to bring each other up to the financial table.

    We are as free as anyone else. Place the blame where it belongs and start teaching/preaching what needs to be done instead of always posting these down-trodden, foolish, commentaries. We are the only group of people that constantly do this! WHY???

    You need to be teaching/informing/strengthening.

    What a waste of space, as usual.

  4. I did not see my posting here it’s: “Why Black People Have Yet to be Free?” I agree with your question. Some of us are not free and must embark on re-educating ourselves, socially, politically and economically. That’s why we need President Obama, you, Jesse Jackson, Con. Powell, NAACP President Jealous, West. We need their help. I do not need help from Herman Cain. Cain’s brains are distorted. How can a black person be so stupid to call people of his own race stupid! That’s mind-bungling. Is Mitt, Perry, Bachmann, Gingrich, Paul calling white people stupid? No. Cain message is dangerous to his wife, children and future Black children. They are now hearing from a prominent Black politician calling them stupid. It will be difficult to restore normalcy to Blacks and their children after a famous black person calling them such a name. There are still Cains working among us. Some are here in Madison Wisconsin. I know a black guy testified in court that Blacks were not qualified to supervise Whites. But he himself was supervising Whites at that time. He got an award from Whites for his public statement. Another example: I took a written state test and I was ranked highest or No. 1 on the test. I went to see my boss, a white female and asked her to hire me. She got red when I showed her my score. She could not believe it. She said: “You know, when my husband and I were in the military, we used to give left-overs to neighboring Black families. And you want to supervise those in this office?” I was quiet. I left her office and went to the affirmative action officer, a black guy. I told him about the incident with my supervisor. Here is his reaction. “To be supervisor you must score highest or No. 1 on test and your score slip should show a 1 – not 1a, 1b 1c. If you have 1a, 1b, 1c that means several whites and you had the same score. I showed him my exam slip. It showed 1 without a, b, or c. He then said he was too busy to discuss the issue at that time. I left his office. At the end of the day I heard he did not back up my appointment and had taken two weeks’ vacation to avoid backing me up. By the time he came back, I had been denied the job. I sued in the Federal District Court. And we went to trial by the judge – not by jury. In the course of the trial here is what happened:
    Judge: “What are you here for?”
    Plaintiff-me: I scored No. 1 on test and these people refused to hire me.
    Judge: What? You mean you scored higher than him? (pointing at the white guy hired)
    State Defending attorney: Yes, your honor. He beat them all by 4 points. His scored was 96 and the second person scored 92.”
    Judge: I cannot understand this. This was not an exam.
    State Defending attorney: Yes it was a written exam and the papers are here as exhibits.
    Federal Judge: I do not want to hear anymore. He is giving us too much work. I am dismissing the case. He can appeal if he wants.
    My case was dismissed by federal judge. She did not believe a Black person could score higher than Whites. I appealed my case to the Federal Appeals Court. The federal appeals court ruled among others that they give deference to trial court finding of facts and decisions. If the trial court judge thought, given her life experience with Blacks, then the Appellate court should agree. My case was dismissed. Now you should remember Republican arguments against Sonia Sotomayor confirmation. She got crap from Republicans for reasoning in one case as stated above. There are still sick people in our Black community. They think they are intellectually inferior to Whites. Can somebody explain to me why, till today, some Blacks still think are inferior to Whites?

  5. WizardG

    Mr. Obama is not a friend to the ‘black’ community! Herman Cain is not a friend to the black community! Presidents and politicians are not our friends in fact they could be considered backstabbing enemies!
    Obama is a politician and politicians (though they lie and say they are) are not your friends! We already see that a sick minded black person can get to you and kill you faster than a “white” person can (well in some cases that is).
    African Americans are having such a good (post Jim Crow) time just living their own lives that they have forgotten or didn’t realize that we have a visible and clandestine set of foes constantly plotting against us. Some of us have lost our track-of-thoughts so much so, that they believe that all is as well as you can convince yourself in your own ‘confused’ mind!
    There are some who gain from latching on to the success of Mr. Obama and these traitors are ready to sing his praises at the drop of a hat! Even if his representation of this white-supremacist structure murders millions of Africans across the diaspora! The corrupt elite-owned media (which is capable of exploitation or exposing people did not expand Obama’s presence because they love black people and thought this “black” person would serve the public well. The corrupt elite owned media is notorious for spins,half truths, lies, hype, hiding truths and facts, and literally hiding important ‘good’ people from public view among many other hideous things. If the elite owned media chose to exclude Obama from their broadcasts he would have been unheard of!

    African Americans, “blacks” and others in this country are so brainwashed, misguided and misdirected that the can’t see straight. They would believe the machinations of this known corrupt social structure before they would open their minds and make an earnest attempt to see that the vile descendants of our tumultuous existence (now much more wealthier and powerful than ever) are still very active in keeping us in a state of flux and on the verge of extinction.

    There is a method to their madness, but alas most of us are clueless and those who [are] able to see are at a loss as to what can be done. So we are left to struggle individually and without a solid base of our own, and few leaders brave enough to take on a white-supremacist machine that has manage to amass the power and wealth of nearly half the world!
    Even if the “black” community had enough information to understand that the whites feel the game ain’t over till it’s over, most wouldn’t be able to comprehend the severity of our plight and all they would be left to do with what little they know is throw up their hands and praise the “God” source their ancestors passed down to them from what they got free from the “white” man. Well at least that religious indoctrination started out as free!

    The overall clusterf*ck we find ourselves in is as multifaceted as we have become. We are a people with no traditions, culture, land, economic strength, and relatively no protections against anything and everything the racist power-structure (which actually runs this country), wants to throw at us! In their secret society klan-like style. As a matter of fact they can turn us against each other in so many ways it’s dizzying just to think about it!
    You’ve only to look around to see the residue of the terror they have already wrought on us! Look across the sea to Haiti..They helped the French torture our family there..Look all over the African continent and you’ll see where they have taken some lands and are still taking others..The people there don’t turn on each other by accident, they are provoked and instigated. The residue of our past woes is still surfacing to combine with our present woes. Those who’s lives have been physically untouched have no idea that their minds have been mentally distorted in all sorts of ways! So they live in denial and blame themselves, or each other, or no one? Not a clue as to how our “benefactors” function eh? Don’t want to blame the descendants of our ancestors captors? These racist white-supremacists descendants and their mentally disturbed minions are the source of every problem we have ever had or ever will have! Now toss their age old blood-lusting greed into the mix and try to figure out every possible way they can gain wealth from tormenting and murdering Africans here and across the African diaspora!

  6. WizardG

    @pastori Balele: You asked “Can somebody explain to me why, till today, some Blacks still think are inferior to Whites?” You’ve probably studied a bit of psychology and biology right? Humans are not automatons (although some act like it). There are mental phobias to explain some questions, and their are educational and other variables that cause people to think or not think all sorts of things. Take each person individually and study their life’s story. Use bio-psychology, sociology, psychology and other sciences to help and try to understand what makes a person think, feel, and do what they do. If you are astute and well learned ‘yourself’, you just might come to the proper conclusion..Or not!

    How to copy the Jewish Community’s game plan?
    Understand, said the old “black” man, who is the opposite of you. Understand so that you will know, what you have to do! This poem by the last poets is as true today as it has ever been. Everything and I mean everything that is negative to the black community and hurts us has a beginning and a cause. Many have been brainwashed into believe that it is our own fault and many have convinced themselves that if they can climb out from under the scourge of white supremacy and institutionalized racism anyone can. Many will never understand that the psychological makeup of each individual combined with variables of nature and nurture create variations in a person’s ability to function. We are functioning under rigid constraints combined with a strong undercurrent of espionage and clandestine conspiring. Those of us who can actually beat this “system” are quite fortunate indeed given the harsh circumstances we are dealing with. When we try to create our own strengths we don’t realize that a great scheme has been laid in place to prevent our communal successes. Again everyone is not able to accomplish what some are able to accomplish. That is true in all walks of life but even more so when you consider that our leadership, family structure, economic structure, psychological stature, beliefs, common sense, and lets just say, (everything we understand as pertaining to “blacks”) is dependent upon what obstacles the Anglo-elite and their minions of wealthy/poor and powerful racist haters plot and place in our paths. They are plotting against us and those across the African diaspora in every phase of our lives. The negative state we find many of our community suffering isn’t just happenstance or accidental or “Their fault”. We are being set-upon in the most diabolical ways without our ever realizing it. The signs are all around us but many of us are too blind and/or ignorant to see.

    We have been so assimilated into this racist system that we feel quite a part of it! We have forgotten how our enemies function, how they think, how they plan and scheme and smile and snicker and talk behind our backs about how worthless we are to them and their ‘Manifest Destiny” etc. We trudge along wondering why we have so many suffering incarceration, shootings by police, drug related problems, family problems, judicial, health, education etc. Little do most know that the joke is on us and we are constantly plotted against and corralled into negative conditions, situations, and places. In order to correct this we must get the racist enemy to speak out, to expose their exploits, to expose the ongoing plans they have to create wealth from abusing and killing us etc. We must create a new way to communicate with all of the “black” community and get them all to understand that we are facing dire straights and our children are being set up to suffer and fail as we were, and as “blacks” across the African Diaspora have always been! We have been made to turn on each other just as the “blacks” and others around the world are made to murder each other! All this creates wealth for these same Anglo-elite and their cohorts. All of the negative harsh conditions we face are put in place, all of the gaps in education, health, and economics are there on purpose. Every non-televised, non-promoted, non-explanation concerning the “black plight” is done purposely.

    Finally the solution to our problems are very difficult to solve because we are a people without our own ‘anything’. Without our own culture, our own language, our own traditions, our own economic structure which would serve us first, our own belief system. We are literally living a “white” lie! We have been assimilated into a cultural structure which hides the fact that they despise and hate us! Yet we continue along as if everything will be alright if we could just do this or do that. Now we cannot do anything because those who keep us down have been doing it ever since they brought our ancestors here. They have adjusted, improved, and changed many of their devices and tactics but their direction and purposes have not changed, and we are not aware just how vile and diabolical our “benefactors” are!
    The only way we might find some light at the end of the tunnel is to find a way to copy the Jewish model..A difficult task considering the fact that the Jews have a country, great wealth, (some of which this nation somehow constantly provides), traditions, education, and their own traditional religious belief structure. These are traits that most successful immigrants have. More importantly they don’t have a history of being hated for the color of their skin! Even so, we must find a way to sructure our efforts to match the path set by the Jewish community because they have shown us that it can be done!

  7. I hope those involved in my discussion will read your posting. It’s a great to hear suggestion from people like you.

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