Yvette Carnell: Five Things Herman Cain Wishes He’d Done Before Running for President

Top 5 Things Herman Cain Wishes He’d Done Before Running for President « Your Black Politics


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5 responses to “Yvette Carnell: Five Things Herman Cain Wishes He’d Done Before Running for President

  1. I agree with those points. Those facts are relevant toward GOP nomination. The ultimate issue is whether American people would elect Cain. The answer is No. No Black person will vote for Cain after calling them “not smart”. No Mexican will vote for Cain after threatening he would put a fence to electrocute all in coming Mexicans. No college, professional and young people will vote for Cain after calling OWS as useless people. No unemployed person will vote for Cain after calling them lazy. Now we know Cain harassed white women. He will be treated like OJ. No White male or woman will vote for Cain. Cain is left with extreme right-wing rich White males. Republicans are done in 2012 if they nominate Cain.

  2. Cain said he would not hire a muslim to be own his staff if elected.He lost my muslim vote,along with the rest of us.

  3. Cheryl

    I believe that Cain may be surprised that his candidacy is where it is. He was not prepared for what he has done. Being the OREO that he is…he has become the favorite cookie of the racist Grand Obstructionist Party/Tea Baggers. He is being used to validate their false claim that President Obama’s color is not an
    issue. But when we look back at the choices we had…race is the issue because the McCain/Palin team was a joke…just like Cain and the other IDIOTS vying to defeat our president.! Fortunately the American people could see that and sent them packing. Cain has become the GOP/Tea Bagger’s 2011 $arah Palin. His mission is to rally the hate base by attacking people that look like him and his family. He is an embarssament to African Americans because he is willing to dance and scratch his head…just like the many Uncle Toms that have come before him.
    What I want to know is…”Where is the West/Smiley POVERTY BUS now? Cain’s brothers from another mother” are lining the pockets of certain blacks in their efforts to make President Obama a one term candidate. Cain is ONE they have chosen to lead ignorant people in the defeat of President Obama. Last but not least…can anyone imagine President Obama having multiple white women (any women) accusing him of sexual harassment? My message to you conservative African Americans that favor the tactics of Cain, West, Smiley and others…you best better wake up and smell the coffee…instead of sipping that “Bitter TEA.” In the end you may get what you want…but you will lose what you have…Freedom!

  4. All Black People should write Bro.Cain a letter as one voice>This letter will ask him to get of the race>he is hurting each one of us.,Blacks.

  5. You’re right. How can any Black person be so stupid to call people of his own race stupid! That’s mind-bungling. I should not forget – Here in Madison Wisconsin one Black guy testified in court that Blacks were unqualified to supervise Whites. At the time he, himself, was supervising Whites. Can somebody explain to me why some Black people end-up thinking like that?

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