Joe Frazier Dies at the age of 67 After a Battle with Liver Cancer

Joe Frazier was one of the greatest- there will never be another like him. 

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2 responses to “Joe Frazier Dies at the age of 67 After a Battle with Liver Cancer

  1. Go to college, excel in a sport, learn to gain wealth and materials then die!
    Very few of the American population are aware of the level of contamination that has been allowed to overwhelm us by the continued chain of fake and corrupt politicians and other treacherous government officials under the control of the 1 percent ultra-rich descendents of the “forefathers” and their cohorts. It should be obvious to most that we have been lied to about nearly every aspect of this social structure from the very beginning and that we are forced to contribute to our own demise with every financial achievement or the constant usage of every item of contamination we are plied with. That said. A large percentage of our population is going to die of cancer because of the vast array of toxic an nuclear contamination the wealthy profit from.
    We are under siege by those whom we actually pay to protect us. We are suffocating and dying because the ultra-elite find great wealth in death, destruction, wars, and genocide.

    Let the fortunate go to college, get their illustrious jobs, pay their taxes, and feel good about themselves while they knowingly or unknowingly contribute in some small way to the cancer ridden demise and the overall devastation of the poor and innocent people of the world!

    Finally. There should be some type of mandatory educational course which would help the populace view our societal conditions in the most realistic possible forms, but instead, more emphases is concentrated on conditioning people to a fantasy-like existence and promoting a selfish drive to accumulate wealth and property while omitting the reasons why doing so is more detrimental to the health and welfare of the world. It is important that people be kept ignorant and naive. It is important that any “leader” with the ability to influence the masses be struck down in his/her tracks!
    Very few are aware of truth and reality. Those in actual control meant it to be this way and to be kept this way. Many people have their minds so twisted in the wrong direction that they are unable to be reached and so we will suffer and die, but some in much more horrible ways than others.

  2. Hugh lowe

    yes. Good article. the black population of the Western hemisphere better wake up and educate themselves.

    “Wake up and Live” was one of Bob Marley’s old songs. it is s befitting statement that may be applied to us black folks.

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