Dr. Boyce: An Open Letter from Herman Cain – I am a Victim of Racism, but You’re Not

open letter from Herman Cain

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4 responses to “Dr. Boyce: An Open Letter from Herman Cain – I am a Victim of Racism, but You’re Not

  1. Cain said:” Black people are not smart enough to think for themselves (except me, of course). How about his wife Gloria – not smart enough to marry and stay with him, the monster! Then Cain went on: White people” too tell me that I am the chosen Negro…”. What a sick man. Ghadafi and George Wallace said the same. Once a person deludes himself as above others, they think they are little Jesus. They are not. Cain really expect Blacks to vote for him. We are not that stupid. Now I am asking his wife Gloria to dumb him. For the last 35 years he was cheating on her – just like his friends, Republicans. Poor woman was not even aware. Cain was hiding from her until now. Once Republicans steal lots of money from the public, they seek fresh women. They are caught as for Herman. I am telling them, women are the same as your wife. Your wife is better than those women in the streets. She takes care of you when sick, poor and raises your children. Once Gloria dumps him, Cain will once again see himself as a regular person or regular Black person – not chosen. Cain should quit the race.

  2. Mr.Cain forgot that he is a regular Black person.He was confused,because those other people played with him.He thought he was a member of the team,not the toy.Maybe he got a wakeup call,than he will see the real picture,

  3. claudia

    It’s really sad when a black man cant accept who he really is in this life like Cain. He really don’t see how super black he is.. I quess when he say black people are stupid and brainwashed and cant think for themselves, He’s really talking about himself because he’s unable to think or be his actual self because of who hes trying so hard to be. What a waste of paper to even write this mans ignorance down.

  4. Cain is an arrogant negro who has been pimped by the likes of the Koch brothers who only see the color green, who have no conscious and jeopardize innocent lives. Men like Cain always get caught in a trap once they’re able to rub a couple of nickles together. The first thing they do is go looking for forbidden fruit. Haven’t they learned by now that no matter how much wealth or knowledge you acquire, you’ll still be judged by the color of your skin not the content of your character. (ie., Obama/Commander In Chief) So black men take note look before you leap, because in the eyes of most white folk now matter how much they like you, you’ll always be a Nigger when the time comes to choosing sides. Ask Tiger and others who have gone down this path.

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