Ann Coulter: “Our Blacks are Better Than Their Blacks”

Your Black World reports

Ann Coulter has joined the chorus of conservatives standing up for presidential candidateHerman Cain.  Cain has been accused of sexually harassing multiple women in the 1990s, and the revelation threatens to derail his entire campaign.



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3 responses to “Ann Coulter: “Our Blacks are Better Than Their Blacks”

  1. Cain made life hard for himself for joining racist organizations-GOP and TEA Party. It’s not democrats or liberal media that broke out the harassment story. It is Republican candidates’ aids, FoxNews, GOP leaders , TEA Party leaders and Ann Coulter herself that leaked the news. Cain should therefore not listen to Ann Coulter for she is part of the conspiracy against Cain. But Cain won’t listen to me because I am brainwashed black male. Anyway it is GOP effort to stop Cain as GOP nominee. They are digging into Cain’s background. They are uncomfortable their nominee is Black. They will fail. Well, whatever are doing they should remember that Cain hates Blacks, gays, lesbians, Chinese, Mormons, Moslems, Catholics, OWS, MoveOn, poor Whites, the unemployed, working women and now it is established he harassed women at work. This is GOP nominee. Welcome Cain as GOP WH contender. Let Republicans cry their eyes off.

  2. Watch O’rielly Factor show today. Now Cain has discovered that GOP and TEA Party are against him. They are the ones that broke the harassment news. But has he found that they against him because he is Black? I doubt. His brains have been brainwashed by FoxNews who are now fighting his nomination. Cain seems to be confused now who is his friend and who is he foe. During O’rielly Factor show Bill was demonizing Cain. Bill attacked Cain on Foreign policy. Cain seemed to be confused with how he would handle i.e. Iran and other foreign policies issue. There is trouble for both Cain, GOP and right wing media. If Cain wins the nomination GOP and FoxNews are in trouble. Cain, please cane their butts.

  3. When I heard her comments from the Fox broadcast I wanted to say, “Oh, so Missy Ann is a pundit now?!?!”. Really? Do you own blacks, Ann? How many Negroes do you own? How long have you been the mistress of the plantation? Damn.

    Dear African-American Republicans, You need to take off the watermelon suits and tap dancing shoes and listen to what the party really thinks about us. Yes, US. Don’t act like you’re special because you get to live in the house and master thinks you’re smart…for a negro. Yes, that’s right. Not as smart as ole masta, but smarter than those Democratic field coons. Oh, you don’t think that is what is actually being said? Well, then I think the Republicans surely “own” the right blacks for the job. Yall betta run on. I hear Missy Ann uh calling.

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