Dr. Christopher Emdin Helps Us to Understand What’s Wrong with Black Public Education


In this video, Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks with Prof. Christopher Emdin from Columbia University.  The two are part of the "Less Talk, More Action Economic Empowerment Tour," and also discuss the issues with public education.


[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYLbxGMC width=”550″ height=”442″]



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4 responses to “Dr. Christopher Emdin Helps Us to Understand What’s Wrong with Black Public Education

  1. TAS

    Was really looking forward to learning something about Urban Education in your piece, but found only 21 minutes of mostly barren discourse; equal parts self congratulatory chit-chat between you & Dr. Emdin, along with another tired version of “the whites are messing us up again.” But perhaps the most disturbing of all is the notion that black kids can learn only if taught by those who have walked in black shoes & experienced the black inner city / hip hop experience… Somehow, I was under the impression that education worked best when it prepared children to learn how to function successfully in the world they would encounter as adults; an outside world that, frankly, doesn’t give a crap about the questionable values, bad grammar & bizarre dress code of the hip hop culture; a culture which, by the way, provides jobs for 2-3 entertainers / agents per year or a professor, now & then, who teaches it at some PC University; a pitiful return on such a very important investment…Seems to me, rather than re-enforcing something that is going to work against them as adults, it might help to provide teachers of any color, who have experiences they can learn to trust & respect & are examples of the world they will encounter when they leave school & have to look for a job…In my experience in the work place, the ever increasing number of black people, who are successful in moving up through the ranks in all fields, have already made that decision; choosing real life skills & attitudes vs the self delusions & destructive fantasies of the hip hop / ghetto life style …

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  3. Jeffrey Young

    I thougnt that the piece was interesting and motivational. I think what Dr. Emdin said makes great sense if educators allowed themselves to be critiqued be the students they teach they could gain greater insite to what the student is taking away from time spent with them.

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