Tom Joyner Says to Support President Obama just Because He’s Black

tom joyner says we should support President Obama because he's black

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8 responses to “Tom Joyner Says to Support President Obama just Because He’s Black

  1. Tom Joyner is not a stupid man nor is he a man who would make a statement without thinking it through. First of all in the history of this country Blacks have never had a seat of power. We have only been voting since 1964. Do you hear anyone else that is more qualified? In his short time in office, he has killed Osama Bin Lauden( a man thaqt was responsible for over 3,000 American deaths). That George Bush said (while playing golf: “he doesn’t think about him that much”. What? Obama said: “if elected and I get actionable intelligence I will take him out”. He did! Kadafi killed over 150 Americans but noone seemed to want to bring him to justice. Where were the people calling for a “trial” when George Bush killed Kadafi like an animal along with his two sons. Obama is not only intelligent but thoughtful, fair, tries to treat all people with respect, and admits when he’s wrong. I think what Tom Joyner is saying is : use your mind to think about not only making history again but putting the right man in the right place. He is a leader not an arrogant egotist who happens to bre a ” Black Man”. Thanks Mr. Joyner. for allowing us to “think on these things”.

  2. claudia

    I think what this man Tom is saying is ridiculous. I will never vote for anyone just because he’s black. I vote on who I think will fulfill America’s dreams and be the best President for our country. It has nothing to do with his skin color and I am black too.

  3. Cain is drunk with poison given by FoxNews for which he works. Cain does not know he is hated by TEA Party, Republicans, racial minorities, Catholics, Moslems, Mexicans, OWS, Labor Union members and college students. So Blacks love Cain! He is hated especially by African-Americans for calling them brain-washed and that they cannot think. If all these people hate Cain, then who will vote for him if he wins GOP nomination? None.

  4. Shirlene Pryor

    If all of Black voters voted for Barack Obama would that neutrilize ALL OF THE OTHERS that vote against him because he is Black? What about those that are determined to oppose everything that he proposes, no matter how good his ideas, no matter how much it would benefit this Country and this Earth,….Because he is Black? I wiii vote for Barack if I am LIVING because he has proven that he deserves my vote. I would not vote for Clarence Thomas for ANYTHING. but Cain said on National TV that the Supreme Court Justice that he most admires is Clanence Thomas, Imagine
    the appointment of others like Justice Thomas!!!

    the appoint

  5. President Obama has flaws just like any other politicians, but I’m going to vote for him because he’s the only adult in the room. The entire Republican field of candidates is made up of clowns, fascists, and irate children, so to vote for ANYONE other than Obama is foolhardy.

    Cornel West is trying to convince the people that we should be so angry with the Bogeyman that we elect the Devil. The man’s not only an idiot, but a damn fool.

    Eric L. Wattree

  6. Renelda Moorehead

    I don’t know who Tom Joyner is, but his remarks about voting for President-elect Obama because he is black is WHACK! STUPID!. One poster wrote
    that we should vote for Obama because, among other achievements, he killed Osama bin Laden. He did? The jury is still out on that one, in some
    circles. My point is, Barack Obama is NOT black enough . He has NO HEART; HE PLAYS BY THE CHART. He is a whore for votes. If he weren’t,
    he would have appointed a black woman judge to the U.S. Supreme Court.
    That would have shown his blackness. The man IS CULTURALLY WHITE.
    I will not, nor have I ever, wasted my precious franchise on a candidate who
    does not voice what I, as a black American woman, believe from my heart.
    If there is ever a black American man/woman who runs for the presidency,
    and who voices the concerns of the least among us–he’s got my backing.

  7. I am glad Republicans and right wing media are in deep trouble for under-estimating Cain. Now GOP has no alternative other than nominating Cain for the GOP ticket. It’s about time for Cain now to find his running mate. Could this be Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin. What a ticket will that be. This I gotta see. I think this is an excellent signal President Obama will be re-elected.

  8. The Person That Wrote This

    He killed Osama? Really? He walked his lazy ass into that cave and took him out. Yea right. The only people that should get credit for killing osama is the seal team that did the work. Not the ignorant president that gave the order.
    “Tom Joyner is not a stupid man nor is he a man who would make a statement without thinking it through.”
    You do realize that ANOTHER black man was running for president right? Apparently not. To say that all black people should stand together and vote to re-elect obama simply because he is black is simply ignorant, and anyone who would disagree with that is just as ignorant.
    “Blacks have never had a seat of power.” And after all the crap that this one pulled, it will never happen again. We the people wanted a change from that dingbat Bush, that is the only reason why he even got elected. He convinced people with his smooth talking and help from a teleprompter that he was going to CHANGE America. Not!
    As for Cain, I’m so glad that he is no longer running. If what happen with Cain wasn’t proof enough that there will never be another black president I don’t know what could convince all the obamabot addlebrains.
    I personally don’t want Romney as president either, but it’s going to happen. Deal with it. You have no choice.

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