“Father” of 14-Yr Old Girl Doing Nasty Stuff on Tape Writes an Open Letter

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One response to ““Father” of 14-Yr Old Girl Doing Nasty Stuff on Tape Writes an Open Letter

  1. Abigail

    1. So, this mister is not even Amber’s father just a stranger with a lot of hangups one of which is deceiving his readers by pretending to be her father and only at the end writing he is not. Sick. So who are you?
    2. You watched the video? Really? That says everything about you, doesn’t it?
    3. Another thing which is clear is that the writer is obviously a misogynist (hater of women). First his wife, or ex-wife or former girlfriend or phantasy (does he have or have had anything to do with the real Amber Cole at all? Or is he just spewing hatred and nonsense to get attention?)
    4. A woman is empowered. Right. In other words she is a single mom who needs to work and/or has a mind of her own.
    4. Hatred in general and of course the easiest is to blame white people (how about white people hating black people because of their skin color? Dig? Or do you need more explanation? And of course the wanton hatred and envy (often siamese twins) go against white women who are educated and/or wealthy. Yes. The curse of the world. Maybe if you would not waste our time with your hate spewing pretensions you would have made sure to get yourself an education?
    5. Anybody familiar with rappers who glorify humiliaton and degradation of black women by a.o. consistently calling them Ho and having black women shake their booty in videos where the studios are so warm and stuffy they lack decent clothing. Why don’t I read any of this moral corruption of black man ever? That may be behind the Amber Cole video. Before long the wailing in self pity will start about how this has been caused by slavery and white people. Never thinking about the immoral and amoral hip hop rap(per)ists some of whom became very rich trashing the very women of color. Why is there no protest from the black community as a whole? And don’t give me “it’s the music industry”. That’s way toe easy. Amber Cole is now a victim of a immoral and too lax mentality that should have been killed in the bud. Educate your children. But with hatred towards woman: how do you educate your daughter?

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