Herman Cain Wins Another Poll, Surges Ahead of Pres. Obama

herman cain wins another poll

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5 responses to “Herman Cain Wins Another Poll, Surges Ahead of Pres. Obama

  1. BlackBeauty


    Who takes these so called polls?

    Who are the people polled?

  2. Cheryl


    The greeting on your website says, “we are looking forward to hearing from you”, but I’m not sure you will be looking forward to hearing from me, Mr. Cain.

    I saw on the internet that you called the President a liar. I deplore what you are doing and the things you are saying about the President in order to gain favor with these greedy, thieving, selfish, Republicans. How dare you call President Obama a liar. You are a pathetic, obviously brainwashed black man who has lost his way and his mind. You have had opportunity and a smattering of privilege in America that has made you forget your roots. I despise people like you and Clarence Thomas, and you both have Georgia roots.

    What is it with you black men from the south who grow up in an oppressed environment and end up siding with the oppressor? The recent case of Troy Davis in Georgia is an excellent example of the present day oppression and legal lynching that still takes place in that state and in this country. The political party that you praise so highly is presently enacting laws to suppress the black vote, the student vote, and many elderly voters across this entire country. Yet, you choose to stand with people who display such obscene and un-American behavior. You would throw black people (including the President of the U.S.) and others under the bus to curry favor with these non-caring and hedonistic people.

    You were there when your Republican cohorts cheered about the death penalty which disproportionately affects black men and women in this country – some of whom have been proven to be innocent. You should be ashamed to stand with these people and yet, you appear to be proud of such an association.

    Yes, President Obama does believe in fairness and sharing the responsibility of the tax burden, it is not socialism nor is it class warfare, and he is not a liar for saying it. That kind of rhetoric from you and those with whom you identify is nothing more than a weak defense for the greedy and despicable philosophy that you choose to embrace.

    You had the unmitigated gall to tell Wolf Blitzer on CNN that two thirds of African-American people are brainwashed and incapable of thinking for themselves. You are surely touched in the head. The millions of us who are capable of thinking for ourselves – we know who is really brainwashed – you – brainwashed whiter than snow.

    Do you really think those people with whom you stand on the debating platform really respect you and see you as their equal? They as well as others see you as a joke and a person who is engaging in buffoonery. A Republican majority House and Senate would never pass your “so called” 999 plan. They would never deem it in their best interest. Besides, there are many who believe your plan is a coded message from Satan. If you flip the numbers they become the 666 plan.

    You will never be President of this country, and I thank God for that. I must say, you certainly live up to your last name. Just as Cain in the Bible so blatantly slew his brother, you are equally willing to do the same politically and economically to millions of black and middle class citizens of this country. Such behavior is extremely ugly, and need I remind you, Mr. Cain, that God does not like ugly.

    P.S. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m having a nice day, I would tell you what I really think about you.

    Please Pass along if you are tired of white and black Republicans calling President Obama a liar.


    Cain will never be President! He is the KOCH Brothers patsy to be used to do what your buddy West was chosen to do…take votes away from what could be the ONLY black person to hold the office of President . With the blacks for sell crawling from under their n****r Head Rocks…I find them all too anxious to bash another brother for profit. One thing we can always count on are the sell-out blacks that would sell out their mama’s for a buck! Notice, as high as they CLAIM the polls are…you NEVER hear anyone say that Cain could be the next president…Never! Cain’s daddy chauffered good ole white folks and thought he had arrived driving that big car. There is a movie titled “Blind Faith” starring Charles Dutton that reminds me of the blacks that wants acceptance by white folks and they will get it by “Any Means Neccesary.” Even if they have to sell out the people that looks like them.

  3. This is getting serious. Republicans and right wing media were treating Cain really bad for his race. Leaders in Republican and right wing media are fighting to ensure he does not get the nomination. They are failing. FoxNews and especially Bill and Sean must be pooping their pants.

  4. Abigail

    @Cheryl Good piece. Just the 999 plan turning these numbers around: come on, Ma’am. Otherwise: I am happy you had a good day. Wonder what it might have looked like if not…:-)
    Personally, I do not think stained Cain stands anywhere near what looks like a chance. For all the reasons Cheryl wrote above. He is just doing their dirty work, something they dare not say/do aloud. And he does their bidding well. It will be a stain on Cain notwithstanding and will bring him nothing in the end. Quite the contrary. And polls are paid people from P.R. firms often enough. So, for me: apart from the foul mouth he has which shows the man to be abjectly despicable towards his own people and towards the rest of his fellow Americans he would gladly see drown economically and blame them for doing just tha, he is history. This is the Republican party 2011 into 2012. May they implode even further.
    What is more, Cain shows contempt for both the office of the President as well as the President himself and is thus lacking in any conceivable form of decency if not outright stupidity – although he surely is not the only one in politics land these days – making him inept for any political job. Go back pizza baking. Mr. Cain. Maybe you can find a job at the board of WalMart: they do not like people there either and standard withold labor rights a.o. to unionize, to their personnel. Looks like your dreamworld to me.

  5. Regina Gartrell

    God don’t like ugly? Well ugly and scary is what an African American democrat is when they find out a fellow black Americans, like myself does not like Obama for president. Great husband, great father, president, not so great.

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