Dr. Boyce Watkins: Tyler Perry, Al Sharpton and the “Proper Negro” Remark

Al Sharpton defends Tyler Perry with the “proper negroes” remark, but does it all add up?


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12 responses to “Dr. Boyce Watkins: Tyler Perry, Al Sharpton and the “Proper Negro” Remark

  1. claudia

    I think its rather obvious that all those who criticizes Tyler Perry movies are jealous of his success. I have watched many of his movies and I, myself as a black woman has found his movies to be an inspiration, comedy, teardropping, adventurous and has definately kept me at the T.V. throughout the movie. It also depends on how you watch his movies as well. If you’re skeptical and not totally a fan of Tyler Perry, well of course you will try to anaylize everything he promotes.

  2. al sharpton defends tyler perry is what is receiving all the attention. what is not getting the attention which is equally important tyler perry gave al $200,000! almost anybody will defend him for that amount of money!

  3. claudia

    Tyler Perry is excellent in making movies that touches soo many people hearts. His movies are all with meaning. So many times we look at movies and never seem to get anything from them or at least be touched inwardly by them, but Tyler Perry has a way of bringing to life the things that is actually done and lived in reality. For those who is always critical and finds what Tyler Perry does should really just try to become more open minded to what he’s trying to accomplish and do in the hearts of others that are faced every day with issues and adversity. I also noticed that there are many other movies that are trying to capture his style and form. But what God gave Tyler Perry is a true gift and its only for him.

  4. David JB

    Claudia, it’s just plain stupid to say that “its rather obvious that all those who criticizes Tyler Perry movies are jealous of his success.”

    Just because you like his movies does not mean that everyone else should like them. What movie-maker has universal acceptance of his/her work?

    I challenge you: convince me that I am wrong when I say that it is entirely possible to criticize his movies without being jealous of his success.

  5. David JB

    There seems to be an assumption among many that people SHOULD like Tyler Perry’s films and that if they don’t, they are a “hater.” I just don’t understand that way of thinking. All filmmakers are subject to having their movies criticized, and many are both positively and negatively received, yet I haven’t seen the equating of not liking someone’s films to “hate” or jealousy of that filmmaker.

    Why is there this different standard for Perry?

  6. MsM

    Because in this day and age when you dare differ in opinion you must be ‘Othered’. ‘You a hater’ is like the new millenium ‘nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah’, something folks resort to when they cannot counter your critiques of a work.

    As far as Perry, I didn’t mind the first Madea movie because I found it to be just so over-the-top and absurd. And I did honestly enjoy the first ‘Why Did I Get Married?’ movie. Other than that, I just cannot stomach his films. ‘For Colored Girls’ was so abominal and did not justify the original writings AT ALL, just became a vehicle for Perry’s reliance on melodrama.

  7. Kim

    My mother always taught me if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone then don’t say anything at all. Tyler is THEE MAN!

  8. Abigail

    You do not have many friends in academia? You must be doing something good! Lots of people inside academia are elbowing themselves to whatever they find to be the top like in businesses sometimes happens. Smile, dr. Watkins. :-))

  9. Doris

    Watch the movies and listen closely with an open mind. There ‘s a message just for you!! Every movie that Tyler has made has meaning. Pay attention!!

  10. Doris

    Watch the movies and plays with an open mind. Listen closely and you will hear a message just for you. Tyler Perry movies and plays all have meaning and a message that touches lives.

  11. Bro. Anthony

    I have watched many of Perry’s movies and in each I have seen very important messages . We unfortunately live in a day where black are more critical of blacks than any other race of people. If Steven Spielberg was to do what Perry has , Black will call him a genius . Black People in America wake up Its 2011 and you are still living the life that Willie Lynch trained the slave owners to teach our ancestors. turn them against each other an they will worship you. turn the dark against the light skin and the fat against the skinny ,the house nigger against the field nigger.We as a people need to stop long enough to see that black on black hatred is a well designed case of classic conditioning.

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