‘Honkies for Herman’ – Cain’s Newest Support Group

honkies for herman, the new support group

It looks like Herman Cain is getting support from nearly everyone. 

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One response to “‘Honkies for Herman’ – Cain’s Newest Support Group

  1. “Honkies for Herman?” That’s a bad tone for a political support. That overtones that Herman is backed by bigots and racists. Compare that with “the Obama Girls?” Republican leaders and TEA Partiers must be crying for they are now stuck with bigot and racist – Herman Cain. FoxNews, Rush and right wing media have been fighting to derail Cain GOP nomination, they are failing. Can you imagine Cain/Bachmann ticket. Both hate Blacks, Hispanics and OWS. That means that ticket will lose Blacks, Hispanics, middle working class, poor whites, OWS and their relatives. As I pointed before Cain also loves Ryan-Care which kills all seniors exhausting their $5,000 voucher. Seniors won’t vote for Cain/Bachmann. Too bad GOP FoxNews people will cry until their eye balls fall off. Let’s prepare for President Obama re-election.

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