Hilarious: Barbara Walters Interviews Herman Cain….Sort of

erin harper imitates an interview between herman cain and barbara walters

Erin Harper is hilarious.  Check out her amazing video of Herman Cain being interviewed by Barbara Walters. 


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3 responses to “Hilarious: Barbara Walters Interviews Herman Cain….Sort of

  1. Cain is a bright guy and I give kudos to him. But he is in wrong groups – GOP and TEA Party. We are also learning he is buddy with Koch brothers. All are racists and hate minorities especially Blacks. These groups have brain-washed Cain that he sees himself as White republican. That’s why he thinks we Blacks cannot think or confront issues that bother us. Cain hopes to get GOP nomination but doesn’t know people he buddies with hate him for his race. FoxNews, GOP and TEA Partiers are fighting against his nomination – saying he does not have foreign policy experience. However, none of other GOP candidate has foreign policy experience. O’rielly and Sean Hannity specifically said they cannot have the same color again. What color! Of course Black. Please join me to pray for Cain so he can see himself as a Black man again.

  2. Kim

    yeah he talk as if he never been faced with any racism in his enetire life. to me he is a total SELL OUT! No vote from me for him or any others. Get rid of the worthless EEOC, change these wicked laws housing our loved ones behind bars with stiff sentences for NO REASON, rid of the death penalty, Do something with in teh job arena that we can afford to live in our roof tops an then maybe I will vote again. Until then no vote here! I am tired of putting clowns in authority! YOU DIG!

  3. Renelda Moorehead

    Erin Harper is really funny with her Herman Cain skit. She made both
    Baba Walters and Sugah (not!) Cain believable.
    @Pastori Balele–I agree with you, but Herman Cain is what you see is what
    you get.
    @Kim–I do dig, y’dig? I am definitely” tired of putting clowns in authority.”
    When there is someone worthy of my vote I will be front and center at the
    polls. I treasure the franchise; I will not abuse it. Y’dig?

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